Lexmark Announces Rebranding, Unveils New Logo

A new logo and brand that emphasizes Lexmark’s continued evolution into a business information services powerhouse will be unveiled Tuesday.

The company’s Perceptive Software division will switch to the Lexmark name, although its products will remain under the Perceptive banner. The move brings all of Lexmark’s recent worldwide acquisitions of business information and software companies under the company’s name.

“The rebranding reflects both the evolution of the company as well as our … aspiration to be a leading global technology company,” Paul Rooke, president and chief executive officer of Lexmark, said Monday.

Under Rooke’s leadership, Lexmark has moved into the full spectrum of business information in addition to print services. The company now lays claim to being a source for business software and applications for a variety of needs, and has acquired companies in the United States and abroad to bolster segments including health care content management, financial process automation and enterprise search.

The new branding signals “that this is a new and evolving, changing company,” Rooke said.

Lexmark was spun off from IBM in 1991. The company sells its products and services in more than 170 countries.

The new logo, Rooke said, “is a nod to our past with the historical Lexmark diamond … (but) a new visual representation and aperture.”

The logo aperture, with its four shades of green, is significant, Rooke said. Like the aperture of a camera, the opening can expand, “which talks to the expansion of our opportunities … but also it can focus in” for customer-driven solutions, he said.

The green color is significant because it is the color of renewal and serves as a signal that Lexmark wants to serve business customers over their entire life cycle, Rooke said.

The company’s logo tag line goes along with that theme: “Open the possibilities.”

“It’s an invitation to the customers to engage with us,” Rooke said.

The company plans to raise a flag with the new logo at its north Lexington headquarters Tuesday morning.

At the end of March, Lexmark announced its biggest-ever acquisition. The company is paying $1 billion to California-based Kofax, a move that will nearly double the size of the company’s enterprise software business.

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