Financing & Copier Leasing | MMIT Business Solutions


Get Products When You Need Them

At MMIT Business Solutions Group, we understand that some customers may need equipment but can’t afford to buy it upfront. For that reason, we offer a diverse set of financing and leasing options for all of the Konica Minolta, Canon, Sharp, HP, and Lexmark products that we provide. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the copiers, printers and other document scanning devices you need.

Available Financing & Leasing Options

MMIT currently offers these financing and leasing options:

Cost Per Copy (CPC) Program

Why spend money on a device, a service contract and supplies when you just need copies? Our CPC program gives you total control with no risk. You get:

  • 100% operating expense
  • Guaranteed CPC for the life of your agreement
  • Conservation of credit lines (no 3rd party)

Fair Market Value Lease

Under our Fair Market Value (FMV) lease, you can lease equipment from us and get these options at the end of your term:

  • Return the equipment to us
  • Extend the terms of the lease
  • Buy the equipment at its fair market value
  • Apply to upgrade to new equipment

10% Purchase Option Lease

This lease has a slightly higher monthly payment than the FMV lease and a fixed purchase option at the end of the term. End-of-lease options include:

  • Lease new equipment
  • Return the equipment
  • Buy the equipment at 10% of its original cost

$1 Buyout Lease

Typically, this lease has the highest monthly payment. However, once your lease term expires, you can buy your equipment for only $1.00!