Managed Print Services: Supporting HIPPA Compliance

Managed print services is an effective solution for security, efficiency, and organization–but did you know it can help with compliance, too? Here’s how managed print helps healthcare organizations comply with HIPPA regulations effectively and efficiently.

How Managed Print Services Supports Healthcare

Managed print services isn’t just for “desk jobs.” It also …

Did You Know Your Multifunction Printer Can Do This?

A multifunction printer can scan, print, copy, and fax–but that’s not all. Many machines also have finishing options that take their efficiency to a whole new level. Here’s what your multifunction printer is really capable of!

4 Multifunction Printer Finishing Options

To find out which functions come standard on your multifunction printer, it’s …

4 Easy Ways to Improve Multifunction Printer Security

Do you worry about multifunction printer security? Are you always wondering whether you’ve done enough to protect your data, machines, and business? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four ways to improve multifunction printer security without breaking a sweat.

Boost Your Multifunction Printer Security

Multifunction printers are …