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Security Today For Stability Tomorrow

While infrastructural security once focused solely on physical threats like natural disasters or theft, the digital workplace brings a new source of danger. Ensuring information and asset security while being prepared for future threats is crucial.

At MMIT, we provide total security solutions, ranging from Cybersecurity to Managed Endpoint Detection & Response, across all your valuable assets and environments. Our industry-leading measures cover defensive as well as offensive strategies. And with our cloud backup and disaster recovery, you can feel confident that any data loss threat is reduced.

Our managed security services offer scalable digital security to protect businesses of any size from cyberthreats. We also offer project assessments to analyze your current IT security and suggest solutions that ensure cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

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IT Security Solutions

Without an effective IT security plan, your private information, passwords, data and customer information can be compromised. With effective IT security solutions, you can keep your business safe.  MMIT’s IT Security experts have assisted organizations throughout Des Moines and Central Iowa in formulating effective IT security plans.

What to Consider When Planning for IT Security

IT security can provide your company with peace of mind when it comes to protecting data and important information. Natural disasters, malicious threats and human error are all events that can cause harm to networks, systems and devices. The best way to combat threats is to have an IT security plan for your business.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can wreak havoc on more than just your office building. Earthquakes, floods and hurricanes can interfere with your data center, interrupt operations and potentially cause you to lose data. To prevent losing your important files and information or having your production interrupted, it’s essential to be prepared.

Power regulating software, generators and uninterruptible power systems (UPS) can maintain power supply when power outages occur due to storms or other disasters. It’s also crucial to have a plan in place to transport your essential data on a hard drive. Having an effective IT security strategy can help you to safely protect and transport data.

Malicious Threats

Cyber attackers use means such as emails and websites to host viruses, phishing scams, malware, exploits and other threats. These threats can harm systems, networks and devices. Examples of malicious threats include worms, botnets, download attacks, ransomware and other harmful network breaches. Cyber attackers can use these breaches to view and steal information or control systems. An IT security strategy can block these threats from harming your system.

Human Error

Insider threats occur when people who have authorized access to a company’s network misuse their access, whether intentionally or unintentionally. These types of threats most often occur when employees are careless or ignore their company’s policies. Examples of human errors that can present threats to data include sharing login information, clicking on phishing links and emailing data to external parties. Employee monitoring programs such as Business Process Automation software can prevent insider threats from occurring.

Benefits of Managed Security Services

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Messaging Protection

Guard against potentially harmful email attachments and third parties gaining access to sensitive data contained in emails.

Endpoint Protection

Secure your servers and workstations from external risks, improving your security posture and user productivity.


Keep your systems current and running smoothly with patching services provided by MMIT. We also fix security vulnerabilities and other bugs affecting your programs.

Vulnerability Management

Monitor the security vulnerabilities in your IT system and craft effective solutions, ensuring that your system remains secure in the long term.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay ahead of ever-changing IT security regulations to help avoid penalties and save your company money.

IT Security Solutions from MMIT