Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Advanced IT Help for Protection Against Constantly Emerging Cybersecurity Threats

The headlines in the media keep coming, and they’re scary. Businesses in all types of industries are being attacked by cybercriminals to steal sensitive data, compromise operations, and even hold data ransom for big money. In fact, cyberattacks and ransomware are at all-time highs, and continue to grow in their prevalence, complexity, and recovery expense.

The fact is, anti-virus security and firewalls simply don’t provide enough protection anymore. According to IDC’s “2021 Ransomware Study,” approximately 37 percent of global organizations said they were the victims of a ransomware attack in 2021. And the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center reported 2,084 ransomware complaints in the US from January through July of 2021 – a 62 percent year-over-year increase.

Securing Your Business by Eliminating Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Management should be an integral part of your overall layered security approach. It includes 4 different components to round out your strategy:


Identification includes scanning the network for all the hardware and software within your network because you can’t protect what you don’t know about.


Classification is understanding the who, what, and where of the discovered vulnerabilities in order to properly address them.


Once we address the issue we move on to remediation which includes fixing the vulnerability and a strategy to reduce the risk of it happening again.


The last component is mitigation which includes the actionable steps to move forward.

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Penetration Testing for Operations Protection from All Directions

The solution to helping organizations try to stay ahead of hackers is through penetration testing, which first involves assessing current levels of security to find and fix any gaps. System vulnerabilities can include code mistakes, software bugs, insecure settings, service configuration errors and/or operational weaknesses. Then, depending on the organization’s size and current level of information security requirements, testing can deliberately use cybercriminals’ own methods to safely simulate attacks and determine how well the organization’s systems and applications can fend them off.

The advanced IT protection you need for constantly emerging threats.

Cybercrime progresses and grows along with advancing technology, meaning that all businesses are still at risk of cybercriminals stealing sensitive data or ultimately halting business operations. Vulnerability management is just another layer of a thorough cybersecurity plan that secures your business by eliminating all possible vulnerabilities. At MMIT, we have the skills to assess current levels of security and any current system vulnerabilities including software bugs or operation weaknesses for all types of businesses throughout Des Moines and central Iowa.

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