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    Output from KIP printers is folded and stacked at full engine speed, allowing for easy document binding or distribution by mail. A reliable and durable belt stacking system ensures maximum packet capacity. Flat output stacking is included as a standard feature. Users may conveniently designate all fan and packet fold preferences at their workstation before printing.

    KIP software and application drivers provide a variety of advanced finishing options. Network and web based applications give users power over all fold parameters as well as the ability to select individual folding parameters at the workstation and store them as presets for future use. In addition, KIP Windows and AutoCAD Drivers feature full integration with all KIPFold system feature

  2. KIP 1200

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    The KIP 1200 Auto Stacker is an intelligent, online print stacking. Infrared signals sent by the printer inform the stacker of system status information, providing tight system integration. The KIP 1200 stacker is capable of stacking up to 1,000 mixed size prints and features a small footprint for added convenience