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  1. Understanding Disaster Recovery

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    One of the most frightening things to any business is a disaster happening that the company must then recover from. Unfortunately, business disasters can and do happen, so knowing how to prepare and respond is the key to riding out the storm.

    Preparing for Disaster

    A data breach is a disaster that more and more companies are experiencing. One of the best ways to prepare is to put numerous safeguards in place for your data. Keep your files digital and password dependent. Keep your computer network up-to-date and ready to fend off any hackers. Be sure that you are compliant with all data-safety requirements and that you have enough personnel to keep your network running safely. Discuss in advance how IT would handle a breach if it did occur. Or, use managed IT services for extra security methods.

    Keep a Mirror Site

    A mirror site is one that reflects your company’s main site exactly. By keeping this alternative site ready to go, including keeping it updated as needed, it can be put into place quickly if anything happens to the main site. This keeps you from being out of reach for customers and risking bad publicity. A major hack may take time to deal with, but having a mirror site ready to use means you don’t have to compound your bad luck with company downtime that can cost the business dearly.

    Have Multiple Choices

    If you put all of your hopes into one disaster recovery method, the business would be in serious trouble if that should fail. That’s why there should be multiple plans in place so that the company can choose a plan depending on the circumstances. Then, if that one should fail, there will be more solutions to choose from. Stay updated periodically about the various plans in place. Encourage your IT support team to keep adding to those plans if necessary as technology grows and changes.

    If you want to be sure that your business is ready to enact a disaster recovery plan, contact us to get started.