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  1. How Managed Print Services Lowers Costs

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    There’s a significant expense lurking in your balance sheet that you probably don’t even know about. Your company likely spends a lot of time and money on financial reporting, measuring income and expenditures with clinical precision. But if recent surveys are correct, you’re probably among the majority that are missing costs that account for about 2-4% of your yearly expenses.

    Those costs? They’re related to printing. Printing is often the third-highest expense a company incurs yearly—right behind rent and payroll. But many businesses have these overall costs spread over many department budgets and in different categories—supplies, technology, energy, and more. Because of this, few business executives get to see the full picture of their printing costs, and if they did, they’d likely want to find a way to rein these costs in.

    Managed Print Services Reduce Overall Costs

    The good news is there’s a solution that can not only give you the simple accounting tools to see your overall printing costs but also help you drastically lower them. Businesses are increasingly turning to managed print services as a way to handle, control, and lower their printing costs. Here’s how it works.

    1. Supply Management: Chances are, you have an overstocked supply closet somewhere in your office. Overbuying supplies is expensive, and finding the balance to keep your printers fully stocked while saving money is a full-time job. Let your managed services provider handle the supplies.
    2. Fleet Management: Your company has probably already wasted countless dollars on machines that weren’t the right fit, and now you’re left with underutilized technology. Managed services ensure you have exactly the devices you need.
    3. Printing control: Who’s printing what? Do you know? Print management includes accounting that will give you exactly the information you need to curb unnecessary printing.

    For more information about how your company can benefit from managed print services, contact us.