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  1. How to Manage Your Print Costs Effectively

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    When operating a business, managing outgoing costs is just as important as increasing profits. Small improvements to your regular processes will help you decrease the amount you spend and optimize your resources. Controlling print expenditures and managing your print resources properly is one area where analysis and improvement will help your entire business run smoothly. Without having to worry about ordering printer supplies and keeping the machine running, your employees can concentrate on more pressing tasks.

    Be Clear About Your Printing Policy

    It may seem like common sense, but setting a printing policy for your employees that encourages them to only use the printer for business purposes and retrieve documents as soon as they are printed will help to cut down on waste and eliminate potential exposure of confidential information to unauthorized personnel. Setting guidelines for your employees will help cut down on wasteful printing and unnecessary copies.

    Consider All the Costs in Your Analysis

    A full accounting of printing costs should include everything related to these expenses. In addition to per-page printing costs, include:

    • Employee time spent ordering and stocking supplies and managing issues that arise with the printer
    • Repairs or service call costs
    • Toner, paper, ink, and other supplies
    • Shredding or other paper disposal costs

    Optimize Document Workflows for Better Efficiency

    Once you’ve taken stock of all the time and money spent on printing-related costs, you can look for places to make your processes better. Scanning documents into the system instead of sending them via mail can save days of waiting, the cost of paper, ink, and postage, and the time it takes employees to send documents out. These might seem like small changes, but incremental savings can add up when applied to each process.

    If you’re spending too much on printing and related costs, MMIT Business Solutions Group can help you set up a managed print solution that works for your organization. Contact us today to find out more.