KIP 2300

The KIP 2300 is a high speed scan solution that provides world-class workflow flexibility through its ability to scan face up or face down and scan thick mounted originals and loose sheets of paper from a single unit.

The KIP 2300 Color Scanner Solution can support both monochrome and color scan-to-file and copy to satisfy most application needs. When scanning to file, users have advanced software controls over image quality; when copying, a closed loop calibration system adjusts output to the exact inkjet device being used for output, ensuring maximum copy quality.

The KIP 2300 scanner is powerful, with image capture speeds from 5 ips to 15 ips in monochrome (dependent on dpi) and 2 to 6 ips in color. The image capture area is up to 36 in. wide, yet originals up to 42 in. wide may be fed through the scanner.