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  1. Choosing a Multifunction Printer for Your Accounting Office

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    Accounting firms, once entirely paper-based, are rapidly transforming the way they handle information. The reasons for this radical change are varied and include greater efficiency, lower costs, enhanced document security, and improved customer service.

    Finding the Right Tools

    Your customers have access to digital processes that have changed everything from the way they shop to the way they manage their finances, and they expect you to do the same. Staying relevant in a digital business economy requires access to the latest technologies.

    Today’s offices rely on intelligent office equipment and document management solutions to successfully transition to digital processes. And since the need to print, copy, scan and fax is still very much a part of the modern office; a multifunction printer is an obvious choice. In fact, a multifunction printer is a preferred tool for bridging the gap between paper and digital business processes.

    Here’s what to consider when choosing a multifunction printer for your accounting office.

    Essential Features

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a business-grade multifunction printer without an intuitive touchscreen interface, but it’s critical to find a device that works well for your unique requirements.

    For seamless integration, look for these built-in features:

    • A user-friendly interface with prompts to assist even your most tech-challenged employees.
    • Customization features that allow your staff to automate repetitive processes and eliminate unnecessary steps
    • Easy connectivity to your existing platforms and applications
    • Password protection and other features to mitigate print-related security risks.

    Volume and Speed Capabilities

    A managed print assessment can help determine your firm’s current printing and document scanning volumes. You’ll want a multifunction printer that can keep up with demand, especially during high-volume events.

    The right multifunction printer can help your accounting firm make a smooth transition to digital processes. Contact us at MMIT for more information today!

  2. How Document Management Helps CPA Offices Manage Information

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    CPA offices know what it’s like to manage thousands of critical documents. They also know what’s at risk if one of them goes missing, even temporarily. The methods CPA offices use to manage and store documents are changing rapidly, and accounting firms who want to keep pace with customer expectations and compliance mandates are embracing electronic document management solutions.

    Managing Accounting Data With Document Management

    CPA offices can realize improved document control, lowered costs, fewer compliance-related issues, and an overall uptick in productivity with electronic document management. Here’s how:

    1. Improved business processes and staff productivity. Your CPA office is the first place clients call when they need help locating critical tax documents or other financial information. Paper-based storage solutions require searching through filing cabinets or even off-site storage facilities. Workflow solutions like digital document management put critical client files just a few clicks away. Not only will your customers be happier, but your staff will have the tools and the time they need to resolve inquiries quickly and with greater accuracy.

    2. Better preparation for audits. Paper-based audits are always time-consuming and overly complicated, with auditors and CPA staff shuffling paper and searching through filing cabinets and banker’s boxes to find needed documents. Document management solutions make audits smoother and far less likely to interrupt your workflows. When documents are just a few clicks away, the entire process improves.

    3. Improved compliance. CPA offices must maintain mandated confidentiality standards, but paper is notoriously difficult to track. Who has viewed a document and when? Document management systems provide the required audit trails, with accurate records of who accessed financial documents, when, and what actions were taken.

    Your CPA office’s ability to control information is only as good as your document management solution. Contact us at MMIT Business Solutions Group to learn more today!