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  1. Do You Know How to Maintain Your MFPs?

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    There’s nothing worse than arriving at the printer, ready to grab your copies and head to your meeting, only to realize your device isn’t working. Whether it’s a blinking light, a jammed tray, or no activity at all (yikes!), you’re probably wondering what you could have done to prevent this.

    The bad news: if your printer is already broken down, you’ll probably be spending a significant part of your day getting it up and running or waiting for a repair technician. The good news: some regular upkeep and maintenance can help you avoid this problem in the future. Here’s what you should be doing to keep your printers operating at their best.

    1. Ventilate: Your printer needs proper ventilation and shouldn’t be smashed up against cubical walls or squeezed under a desk. Ventilation will keep your printer from overheating and reduce paper jams, increase quality, and elongate your device’s useful life.
    2. Don’t overheat: We know, the office can get chilly, but a space heater pointed directly at your multifunction printers is a recipe for disaster. As mentioned above, a printer is prone to overheating if treated improperly, and a space heater could even melt parts of your office equipment if you’re not careful.
    3. Keep it clean: Frequently dust and wipe down your printers and copiers to keep them free of debris.
    4. Don’t pull by the cord: When you’re unplugging your device, grab firmly at the end instead of pulling on the cord.
    5. No food, please: Yes, we all eat at our desks, but a Diet Coke never did a multifunction printer any favors. Keep food and drinks away from your printer.
    6. Maintain regularly: Your printer needs regular check-ups. Work with your IT department to schedule regular maintenance and monitoring to keep your devices operating well.

    For more information about multifunction printers and device maintenance, contact us today.