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  1. Multifunction Printer Tips: Maintenance Agreement Benefits

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    Multifunction printers are responsible for so many things in your workflow that, if they break down or run into issues, your productivity levels could suffer for hours or even days. That’s why many companies turn to the reliability and efficiency of a maintenance agreement–to keep things running smoothly.

    A Good Choice

    When it comes to print environments, you have a lot of choices to make. The first great choice is bringing multifunction printers into your fleet. These machines are powerful and intelligent, allowing you to do a little bit of everything–all while being budget-friendly.

    The next great choice is to enter into a maintenance agreement that acts as a “safety net,” helping make sure that your multifunction printer is able to consistently perform at these high levels. There are plenty of things to love about maintenance agreements–so let’s take a closer look!

    • Cost

    One of the best things about printer maintenance agreements is that they offer fixed prices. This means that you won’t have to keep paying for every little thing and that you won’t have to worry about any hidden costs–just one price you can count on.

    • Longevity

    Regular maintenance helps ensure that multifunction printers last a long time. The truth is that it’s always cheaper and more efficient to pay for “printer TLC” than it is to pay for an upgrade or repair.

    • Reliability

    Maintenance contracts guarantee that your provider will always be there for you. Fast, personalized service allows you to rest easy knowing that your company’s unique goals and needs will always be taken into account–and that you’ll never be forced to fix big problems by yourself.

    Want to learn more about multifunction printers? Interested in maintenance agreements? Contact us today!

  2. Boost Office Productivity with a Multifunction Printer

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    The use of printers in the typical office is necessary for day-to-day business. Having at least one printer that is a multifunction printer is a far more convenient and cost-saving way to provide printing to employees.

    Easier Projects

    When employees have projects that require any type of printing, a multifunction printer makes it all the easier for organizations in Des Moines. Because these printers can take on so many tasks, none of that will have to be outsourced to a printing center, and productivity will not suffer. It’s fast and easy to get those jobs done in-house when you have one of these machines available.

    Saving Money

    Because a multifunction printer handles so many different office tasks, you won’t have to invest in several machines to do it all. You won’t have to buy a separate copier, a machine that collates, a fax machine, or various other machines that do just one specific job. It also saves money by requiring less room to keep it in. Needing three or more office machines could necessitate one or more rooms to house them in. None of that is necessary when just one machine will do it all. And because you don’t have to outsource any of these tasks, you save money by getting all of it done in-house.

    Getting It All Done

    Many multifunction printers can take on two or more tasks at the same time. That means that there doesn’t have to be a line at the printer as people wait for their turn. It can print and copy at the same time, and many types can both print and collate and staple together documents all at once. And because modern multifunction machines are so fast, it leads to higher productivity and less time spent waiting for your pages to print, fax, or be copied.

    When you want to get your own multifunction printer into your office, contact us to find out more about today’s high-tech models.

  3. Top 5 Tips for Selecting a Multifunction Printer

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    By now you probably know that multifunction printers are an indispensable device for any business. Since MFPs consolidate the need for multiple devices, they are particularly critical for small-to-medium businesses with limited space and budgets.

    If you are in the market to improve workflows, reduces expenses, and streamline print processes, here are the top 5 tips for selecting a multifunction printer.

    1. Know Your Needs Assess your print requirements and pinpoint what you need your MFP to do daily, besides just print. These devices have endless capabilities, but be sure you are focusing on your primary needs and not sacrificing your budget.

    2. Total Cost of Ownership When you are evaluating a potential MFP, don’t just look at the initial cost, understand the total costs of ownership (TCO) as well as the cost/value benefits of the device. TCO can vary based on supplies, maintenance, service, and functionality.

    3. Network Connections Take your current network into consideration and how difficult or easy it will be to integrate your new device into that network. Also, factor in whether or not you have a managed IT service plan or managed print program to assist with that transition or if you must rely on your in-house IT support.

    4. Multitasking Capabilities Don’t let the name multifunction printer mislead you. Sure, they have multiple capabilities, but make your device can multitask in the way your business requires. Be cautious of an MFP that offers numerous functions but cannot perform them simultaneously, resulting in slowdowns and bottlenecks.

    5. Security Concerns Once you connect your MFP to your network, that does not mean it is secure. When it comes to business security, you must protect your network as well as your printers and copiers — if one is vulnerable, both are. Be sure to understand the security capabilities of the device you are acquiring to ensure your business data is protected.

    Read more about the many benefits of a multifunction printer and how it can help your business.

  4. Form and Function: The Many Benefits of a Multifunction Device

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    There are a lot of variables involved when it comes to buying a multifunction printer. Of course, the cost is a big factor, but there are many other concerns to keep in mind when you are investing in print equipment.

    Here are some things to explore:

    • Print Considerations Although an MFP can do much more than just print, printing is most likely to be its primary use in the office on a daily basis. So, when researching a multifunction device for your office, consider how often your employees print and the types of documents that will be printed.

    MFPs can print up to thousands of text documents daily, but what types of media are you printing and what style of materials are you printing on? If your needs are basic, a black-and-white option might work for you, but businesses with more sophisticated needs can opt for a full-color device that can create cutting-edge digital prints.

    • Copying and Scanning Depending on your specific business, copying is likely the second most popular usage. Multifunction printers can create high-quality copies in color or black-and-white, single-sided or duplex. Just as with printing, MFPs support a wide range of paper types.

    Scanning is another huge benefit of a multifunction device. Capture high-resolution images and text and send to pre-approved contacts directly from your printer or save them to your network. Document scanning often eliminates the outdated method of faxing documents — simply scan and email images, text files, and more.

    • Network Connections With networking capabilities, multifunction printers let you print from desktops connected to a server, USB connection, or wirelessly. Since so many different employees work from various devices, this valuable feature allows access from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Businesses no longer just run from the office, connected devices, and networked printers are a must in the current climate.

    • Cost Considerations The total cost of ownership is an important thing to consider when choosing a multifunction printer. TCO includes the cost of the machines as well as the expense of supplies, maintenance, and more. Managed print services are a great way to secure your print environment and ensure costs don’t spiral out of control.

    Ready for an MFP or have questions on managed print? Answers are just a click away!.

  5. To Color or Not: The MFP Dilemma

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    One of the most common questions that people have when they are researching multifunction printers is whether or not the need to opt for the color option. And, the main concern is not whether or not they want color — the answer is almost always yes — but, rather, apprehension over the perceived costs.

    All That and More

    The good news is that a multifunction printer is going to be the rockstar device of your office no matter what. You can print, copy, fax, scan, and then some all from one sophisticated machine. And, thanks to networking capabilities, multiple employees can use a single MFP to get their work done.

    The True Cost

    We get it, upgrading your office equipment should help you reduce spending, not increase it. An affordable print program must be a top priority since it is a business area that can come with hidden costs. While the concerns over cost are valid, here are some factors to consider when shopping for a color multifunction printer.

    • Eliminate outsourcing costs. When you have a big print job that your current printer can’t handle, you have to outsource it to a vendor or print center. Having a color MFP on-site eliminates the extravagant costs associated with outsourcing — which costs 500 to 2000 percent more per color copy. With your in-office device, you can print a page for approximately 6 cents per piece.

    • Save money on ink. When you get a color multifunction printer for your business, you eradicate the need for multiple desktop laser printers, which require high-cost disposable print cartridges. Plus, the cost per page of laser printers is significantly higher than on a color MFP. Getting one machine that can serve multiple purposes and multiple employees will save money and streamline workflows.

    • Take advantage of functions and features. Use tracking codes to monitor activity and prevent unauthorizes usage. Employee tracking codes and rules are a great way to keep costs in line. And, to reduce unnecessary color print, set default setting to black and white so that staff members must select color print only when truly necessary.

    When you break down the overall cost savings, it becomes clear that investing in a color MFP for your business will not only save you money, but it will also eliminate wastefulness and increase productivity.

    Still have questions or concerns? No problem. Contact us today for answers.