Managed Print: Where is Your Money Going?


Managed print helps you cut down on paper usage, improve security, streamline workflows, boost efficiency, but maybe the most important thing is budget control. Essentially, managed print allows you to answer one big question: where is your money going?

How it Works

Managed print services rely on a print audit to get a complete, detailed look at your business–your habits, your needs, your challenges, your Lexmark printers, your workflows, and more. With this information, you and your provider can make informed decisions about which direction to take, which solutions to implement, and how to go about making the best changes for your company. However, there’s one type of data that many companies find the most appealing: financial facts. 

Here’s what a print audit will tell you about where your money is going:

  • Equipment

How many printers do you have, and how much do they cost to operate? What about other hardware? Do you pay for specialized software? Managed print provides valuable transparency when it comes to equipment costs.

  • Supplies

Paper, ink, toner, you name it–ordering and storing supplies can get pricey. A print audit will help you see exactly what you’re spending (and why).

  • Repairs and maintenance

Part of your print budget will always go toward repairing and maintaining your hardworking machines. Exactly how much of your budget? Well, that’s what managed print will help you find out.

  • Invisible costs

There are other, less obvious costs of operating a printer fleet–which means that it can feel challenging to find out where your money is going. Luckily, managed print can help you keep track of these things–like the cost of unnecessary printing, the unapproved use of print shops, accidental supply orders, and more.

Managed print uses this information to help you take control of your budget and save money, time, and stress. To see for yourself, contact us today!