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  1. Scanning Tips: What Belongs in the Cloud?

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    Cloud services are great for all kinds of things–security, communication, streamlining, and more. However, many companies aren’t always sure when and how to use the cloud in order to get the most use out of it. That’s why today’s scanning tips will focus on cloud storage and how to decide what belongs there.

    After You Scan

    Scanning using a Canon Des Moines organizations have trusted for many years is a kind of gateway solution: it opens up all kinds of paths and opportunities for new ways to store, access, and distribute information. One thing you can do after scanning your documents is to store them in the cloud–a safe, efficient way to make data accessible to all the right teams and individuals. There’s no “right” way to use the cloud, but there are efficient ways–and knowing them can help you make the most out of all your cloud services.

    Using the Cloud

    Let’s take a look at which of your scanned documents belong in the cloud!

    • Correspondence

    Look over the letters and messages you’ve exchanged with clients, suppliers, and other important business partners. Chances are, most of these include important information for all parties–which means it’s a good idea to store them in the cloud, where they can safely be shared with anyone who needs access.

    • Schedules

    No matter how you do your scheduling or what your calendars look like, they definitely belong in the cloud. That way, everyone can see them–and those with proper permissions can update things to keep everyone on track.

    • Password information

    It’s rule #1 never to write your passwords down, right? Well, the truth is that, as long as you’re using a reliable password management program and you have the proper encryption and security, the cloud is a great place to store this kind of information. It helps ensure that you can get into all of your accounts from anywhere, all without putting your data security at risk.

    Looking for more scanning tips? Want to learn about cloud storage? Contact us today!

  2. How the Cloud is Changing Education

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    Technology has changed the way we communicate, send, store, and share information. In fact, technology has been affecting our modes of communication for millennia—from the moment we began to augment our oral conversations with written words and symbols. From the pen to the printing press to the computer, technology has helped us tell stories and share ideas with increasingly sophisticated tools.

    Did you know that one of the newest tools for sharing information is revolutionizing modern education? Read on to learn how the cloud is making education more accessible, more affordable, and more global than ever before.

    Cloud Computing and Education

    Education has always been an expensive endeavor, and the past few decades haven’t seen much improvement in making school more affordable and available to individuals. But the cloud could be an integral part of lowering the cost of education and putting it in the hands of more people.

    Digital content has become commonplace in nearly every classroom, from smartboards to online course textbooks. This kind of content can make education accessible for people all around the world, even when they live in remote areas. Here are some of the ways cloud computing is revolutionizing the classroom.

    1. Goodbye textbooks? Textbooks are notoriously expensive, and students often feel burdened by the hefty price they have to pay for sometimes outdated content. The cloud can change that with much less expensive digital content.
    2. Updated information: Many students and schools are forced to use outdated textbooks because of the cost of purchasing new ones. Cloud computing can provide a way to keep updated information in the hands of teachers and students.
    3. Less hardware: The beauty of the cloud is that it can often be accessed and even managed through an internet browser, removing the necessity for expensive equipment in school districts or universities.

    Cloud computing is truly the way of the future. If you’d like to learn more about how technology can improve your company, contact us.

  3. Using a Managed Services Provider to Get you to the Cloud

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    No matter how out of touch with technology you are you’ve undoubtedly heard a term referencing the cloud, you might have even wondered what the cloud is. Simply put, the cloud is a way to outsource data storage and the actual processes of your computing to a server offsite that you access through the internet. It can provide many different benefits, efficiencies and cost savings, but only if implemented correctly. This is where your IT support provider comes in.

    Expertise you Need at a Price you can Afford

    A Managed Services provider will give you the benefits of a fully-staffed corporate IT department without any capital expenditure. Instead of investing thousands of dollars into hiring staff with various competencies and making sure they complement each other and satisfy your needs you can hire one company for a fixed monthly fee that has all of the experience and expertise you need. These companies will often have several cloud computing experts on hand to help you deploy your business and start realizing the savings.

    Guard Against Disasters

    One of the biggest improvements over your current IT workflow, when you switch to the cloud, will be the ability to protect yourself against disasters and data loss. Cloud computing exists on servers that operate offsite, and a component of all cloud-based systems is a backup process that will ensure your data is secure regardless of the disaster.

    Email Hosting and Remote Monitoring

    Deploying your on-site email server to the cloud can yield faster pull times and more features than your current server offers. Additionally, the ability to keep a continuous backup will always keep this important communication method up for your business. Remote monitoring will allow your managed service provider to maintain an eye on your network and put safeguards in place to protect your business from digital disasters.

    Cloud computing and cloud services can be a huge benefit to your business even if you may not be sure how to use them. Take a look into IT managed services and get ahold of a reputable provider to help you realize these savings.

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