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  1. 5 Benefits of Managed Print Services for Nonprofit Organizations

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    Operating on a tight budget is a common thread for the majority of nonprofit organizations. Many nonprofits wrestle through tough organizational practices because they are unable to hire expert staff to manage and fulfill operations. This often results in overspending and unnecessary costs on organizations that don’t have much to work with. When a nonprofit does avoid overspending, they often invest in cheaper equipment or hold onto older devices that should be upgraded, which leads to inefficiency and eventually, overspending.

    Managed Print Services

    Managed Print Services (MPS) is a print solution that helps businesses and organizations tackle their print environments in an efficient and cost-cutting way. Many MPS providers have developed strategies specifically for nonprofit organizations, to meet their unique needs.

    Here are five ways that Managed Print can benefit your business:

    1. Cut Costs

    An MPS provider will perform a thorough audit, examining your organization’s print environment. They will provide you with a report based on the details from the audit with factual insights and recommendations to save money or improve productivity. Nonprofits can cut print-related costs by up to 30% when they enlist MPS.

    2. Create a Predictable Budget

    MPS consolidates all your ordering to one location that serves your specific organization. This ensures that prices are consistent and honest, creating a more predictable budget for your group.

    3. Optimized Equipment Use

    Managed print services will offer solutions to your organization to help get the most out of your office equipment. Because of how expensive new devices are, MPS can help you use what you have to its highest potential.

    4. Increased Efficiency

    With the data collected during your print audit and through constant monitoring, MPS will offer solutions to ensure that your print environment is working as efficiently as possible.

    5. Streamline Workflows

    Most nonprofit organizations use a hefty amount of paper in their day-to-day functions. While some forms will inevitably remain in the form of paper documents, MPS helps nonprofits effectively manage paper by making it digital when possible. Digital documents are shared and stored much more efficiently, saving you time and money.

    These are just a handful of the many benefits available to you with MPS. To learn more about how Managed Print Services can benefit your nonprofit, contact MMIT Business Solutions Group today!

  2. Non-Profits Need Managed Print Services: Here’s Why

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    Non-profit work is inspiring, meaningful, and worthwhile. It also comes with a unique set of challenges that other organizations don’t face as acutely. Nothing shows this more clearly than the pressure non-profit organizations feel to run on a tight budget, sometimes squeezing every last penny out of donations to make big dreams and great things happen. If your non-profit is looking for another area to cut back costs, consider taking a closer look at how you manage your print environment.

    Managed Print Services for Non-Profits

    Maybe when you read the phrase “managed your print environment,” you thought, Well, we don’t manage our printer environment. This is typical in many organizations, and particularly in non-profits. Who has time to devote staff hours to planning, strategizing, and maintaining your print environment?

    But without this kind of monitoring, your printers and supplies are probably cost you way too much. Printing is a necessary part of the office world, particularly when you need to communicate with clients and donors on a regular basis through newsletters, flyers, brochures, and posters. Without a steady hand at the helm, your print environment could become a drain on your organization’s finances with the potential to squeeze your budget even tighter.

    Managed print services can help with this. Here’s how: – Predict and lower costs through consolidating all print supply ordering and maintenance – Strategize and right-size your fleet for optimal usability, making sure you’re getting every ounce of productivity out of your machines – Implement common-sense policies to control printing, eliminating wasteful or mindless printing practices – Achieve cost reductions of around 30% or more

    With managed print services, you can turn your print environment into a money-maker, not a money-taker. Contact us to learn more.