Will Security of the Past Keep You Safe Now?


The business world is expanding, changing and speeding up at an insane rate, moving more and more into the internet technology sphere. As technology and business practices change, so do the creative ways that hackers have found to damage and infiltrate your systems. You may feel as though your information is incredibly safe; only a year or two ago you put a great plan in place to keep your information safe! But is that plan still relevant, and is it still going to keep your business from the devastation of a malware attack?

First, What is Malware?

Malware comes in a few different shapes and sizes. First, you have worms. Worms are designed to infiltrate your network and duplicate themselves again and again and again, causing your entire network to freeze. You won’t have access to your documents, and nothing will work. This kind of downtime can seriously hurt a business. Next, you have viruses. A virus makes its way into your network and goes around damaging, altering and deleting files.

Whether those files end up being the company pictures from last year’s Christmas party or the next huge project your company spent the last six months perfecting is impossible to say; the risk simply isn’t worth taking. Finally, you have spyware. As its name suggests, spyware does its best to steal useful information from you, whether to use it against you or simply make it public in a huge security leak. None of the above are a good situation.

Learning a bit more about the cyber risks of today’s business world, are you secure about your plan to protect your business? If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us and we’ll go over your plan to see if you need to make any adjustments!