3 Managed Print Services Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

There are myths on just about every topic. Some aren’t so bad–but when they stop you from making a choice that will actually benefit your business, they become a big deal. Here are three such myths about managed print services and why you shouldn’t believe them.

The Truth About Managed Print Services

In today’s world, information is plentiful. That’s usually a good thing–but it also means misinformation and myths can spread like wildfire.

That’s why it’s so important to find the truth about things like managed print services before you make decisions that will impact your business. Here are three big myths we’re debunking once and for all:

Myth #1: “Managed print services is more expensive than in-house print management.”

The details: It’s easy to believe that managing things on your own is the best–and cheapest–way to go. That’s especially true if you’ve been handling your own print environment for a long time.

The truth: In reality, managed print services helps you find ways of saving money that you would never have noticed on your own. That means it’s far cheaper than in-house print management.

Myth #2: “Managed print services makes you print more.”

The details: A solution with “print” in its name must encourage you to print as much as possible, right?

The truth: Not necessarily. Managed print actually helps you print smarter instead of more frequently, so you know which files actually need to be printed and which could be communicated using digital tools.

Myth #3: “Printing is going out of style anyway.”

The details: With so much focus on digital communication and remote work, it seems like paper and printers are on their way out.

The truth: Printing has been around for a long time and still represents a key collaboration tool. After all, many important documents still need hard copies to be considered legal or finalized.


Did you believe any of these three myths? If so, don’t worry–it’s easy to find the truth with a little bit of research. Just remember to make choices based on facts instead of fiction!

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