5 Minutes with Managed Print


Can any business solution start making a difference in just five minutes? Let’s see if managed print is up to the task!

The Power of Better Printing

Let’s be honest: no business solution is going to change the world in just five minutes.

But managed print doesn’t need to change the world. All it has to do is change the way you think about printing, your print environment, and even the machines themselves–and, believe it or not, all the great benefits will follow. It’s that simple. Better printing means better communication, better budgets, better customer service, and a better bottom line.

So how can managed print makes such a big difference in such a small amount of time? Let’s find out!

#1: Changing perspectives

One of the first things managed print does for you is changing your perspective. It helps you realize that your print environment, like the rest of your company, is a unique, powerful, ever-changing element–not some stagnant thing you should try to ignore. You’ll learn to be more flexible, adapt to new tech and solutions, and keep your print procedures modern–and all you have to do is take a minute to see your business in a new light.

#2: Changing information

In under five minutes, managed print can change the game just by giving you new data. Just imagine what you could do if you knew which machines were used the most (and for what), how often you print in color (and why), and where every single dollar was going. It’s possible with managed print!

#3: Changing security

Even with managed print, modern security isn’t a five-minute task–but you can get a pretty good start just by knowing where to look. Managed print helps you identify, analyze, and address weaknesses in your security protocols and procedures–and it’s so fast that you’ll start feeling safer right away.

What can managed print start doing for you in just five minutes? Contact us today to find out!