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  1. Is Managed Print Worth the Investment?

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    When considering business solutions, you always want to know how much you’re paying and why. To decide whether a solution is really worth the investment, you have to take a close, honest look–so today, we’ll pull out the magnifying glass and tell you everything you need to know about managed print.

    When considering business solutions, you always want to know how much you’re paying and why. To decide whether a solution is really worth the investment, you have to take a close, honest look–so today, we’ll pull out the magnifying glass and tell you everything you need to know about managed print.

    Managed Print Basics

    Managed print is a solution that allows you to outsource your print problems. It’s as simple as that!

    The simplicity of the solution is one of its biggest benefits. You don’t have to worry about any complicated learning curves, and you certainly won’t have any hoops to jump through. Here’s how it works:

    • #1: You choose a managed print provider.
    • #2: They work with you to conduct a print audit, which provides data about print needs, habits, and budgets.
    • #3: Together, you use the data from the print audit to choose targeted solutions that address your pain points.

    The best part of managed print is that it doesn’t stop working after the initial round of solutions. Instead, you work with your provider to constantly grow and change, ensuring that your print environment always does precisely what you need it to do. Printing has never been so simple–which is why so many other companies have already decided that this solution is worth the investment.

    What You Can Expect

    Now that you know what managed print is, let’s take a look at what it does–that way, you can decide if it’s right for you.

    It protects your data.

    Network printers are one of the biggest security vulnerabilities in any small business. With managed print, it’s easy to secure these devices without interrupting their function or reliability.

    It streamlines your workflows.

    By cutting out extra steps, improving communication, and introducing solutions that make life a little easier for everyone, managed print makes your workflows strong, safe, and streamlined.

    It saves money.

    Managed print isn’t just an affordable solution; it also actively saves money by eliminating waste, cutting out unnecessary printing, and simplifying your supply orders.

    In conclusion, managed print is worth the investment because it is simple and powerful. If you’re looking for a solution that combines efficiency, security, and cost-efficiency, you couldn’t make a better choice.

    Want to see what managed print can really do? Contact us today!

  2. What Managed Print Isn’t

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    As helpful as it is to look up all the details about a certain solution, sometimes it’s clearer and more effective to start with what it’s not. Today we’ll take a look at managed print for what it doesn’t offer, doesn’t do, and doesn’t provide to your company.

    Clearing Things Up

    Because managed print is a term that refers to a huge number of tools, solutions, tips, and tricks, it can be easy to get the wrong idea about its reputation. The good news is that most of the buzz around managed print is positive, so there are no “big bad rumors” to dispel; what’s most important is learning what you can and can’t expect from managed print so that you can decide if it’s a good fit for your company (and so that you can implement it as effectively as possible).

    Here’s what to know about managed print!

    #1: It isn’t a delivery service.

    You might think that managed print is just about delivering ink, toner, and paper to keep your fleet functioning as efficiently as possible. Consumables are a big part of managed print, but they’re not the only thing this solution can help with. In fact, managed print helps you understand how you use consumables, choose more effective brands for your needs and machines, and save money by organizing orders–on top of a whole lot more, of course.

    #2: It isn’t just about printing.

    Sure, “print” is right there in the name–but managed print goes far beyond your printer fleet. By streamlining workflows, improving communication, and minimizing waste, managed print actually makes waves throughout your company.

    #3: It’s more than a business relationship.

    When you choose a managed print provider, you’re actually choosing a partner. Providers should be with you every step of the way, working to help you find creative solutions and remain flexible even in the face of complex challenges.

    Want to learn more about what managed print is (and isn’t)? Looking for a managed print partner? Contact us today to get started!

  3. Managed Print in the Education System

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    There are few things more important than a good education for kids, and there are few things more important than good solutions for schools. Believe it or not, there’s one thing that can be an answer to both: managed print!

    Smart Printing

    At first glance, managed print may seem like a solution for corporations, as if it belongs somewhere with cubicles and tiny potted plants on each desk–but that’s not the case.

    Managed print is great for industries of all shapes and sizes, meaning that it’s just as comfortable in cubicles as it is in the classroom. That’s because managed print is all about customization, meaning that every detail, solution, and tool will be defined by a school’s unique needs and challenges.

    How it Works

    Sound too good to be true? Here are a few ways managed print adapts to each school and helps make education a breeze!

    • Cost

    Schools are often operating on a tight budget, and printing without management or control can really hurt that bottom line. Managed print helps schools understand where their money is going and why, and then it helps find ways to spend that money more effectively–all without cutting corners.

    • Color

    Creativity shouldn’t be limited just because resources are. Managed print makes it easier to understand when color printing is cost-effective and when it isn’t–that way, schools can plan projects without worrying about print problems.

    • Carbon footprint

    Teaching by example is important, especially when it comes to environmental friendliness. With managed print, schools can set a good example for their students by finding cost-effective, savvy ways to go green with their printers, print habits, and consumables like toner and paper.

    Want to learn more about managed print in and out of the classroom? Contact us today!

  4. Is Managed Print Right For You?

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    Managed print is famous for being a perfect fit for all kinds of companies–but what about yours? Naturally, you want to be sure about any big business decision before you make it, so you’re probably looking for an easy way to answer that question. Look no more–today, we’ll help you decide once and for all if managed print is right for you!

    Strong Printing, Strong Companies

    With the rise of digital solutions and fantastic tech tools, you might wonder whether printing is on its way out–or if managed print is even necessary anymore. The truth is that printing will probably never go out of style, but it is getting smarter–for example, sleeker workflows and greener solutions–and that’s right where managed print comes in. With managed print, it’s easier than ever to make sure you’re printing in savvy, environmentally friendly, and efficient ways, all without breaking the bank.

    But that doesn’t necessarily mean managed print is right for you. Here’s how to know if managed print can help make your company stronger!

    #1: Do you have a print strategy?

    If you do have a print strategy, that’s great! Managed print can help you analyze it from top to bottom and make sure it’s doing everything you want it to do.

    If you don’t, managed print has all the tools and solutions you need to start working on your brand-new strategy.

    #2: Do you know your print costs?

    Most companies don’t. After all, that’s okay; print costs are often hidden and incredibly varied–but if you’re not actively working to understand those costs, they can start hurting your budget. Luckily, managed print has all the transparency tools and analysis solutions you need to understand and control your costs.

    #3: Do you want to print smarter?

    If printing is a chore in your business, chances are – it’s wasting time and money, too. Managed print can help you turn printing into a valuable asset instead of frustration, all while saving that time and money.

    So, is managed print right for you? Contact us today to find out!

  5. Why Small Businesses Love Managed Print

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    Since no two small businesses are exactly alike, it’s sometimes difficult to find a tool or solution they all agree on. After all, with so many different markets, industries, needs, and challenges represented, can any one thing be a perfect fit for everyone? Believe it or not, that’s exactly what you can expect from managed print–and here’s why.

    A Fan Favorite

    No matter where you’re located, how many employees you have, or what you do, the chances are high that you do a lot of printing. Sure, printing can be a big weight on your budget, and, when handled improperly, it can be frustrating and inefficient too–but the truth is that printing can be your business’s best friend if you play your cards right.

    That’s why small businesses love managed print services: it’s a solution that allows them to take control of their printing in creative, flexible ways. You’ll see all kinds of benefits, from happier customers to sleeker workflows–all without breaking the bank.

    Here are a few reasons why managed print is truly a fan favorite!

    • Boosting efficiency

    Managed print is all about efficiency. If there are unnecessary steps in your workflows, inefficient machines in your fleet, or tasks that would be better off automated, managed print will help you find and address them.

    • Going green

    Want to make up with Mother Nature? With managed print, it’s easier to choose green solutions–like recycling your toner cartridges or using paper more efficiently.

    • Improving supply management

    If you’re always over-ordering or under-ordering, your print environment will suffer. Managed print helps you understand your needs so that you still have exactly what the job calls for.

    • Saving money

    Managed print solutions begin with a “print audit” that, among other things, helps you understand where your money is going. You can use this information to make all the right steps toward a tighter, healthier budget.

    Are you ready to become one of the small businesses that love managed print? Contact us today!

  6. 3 Ways Managed Print Saves You Money

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    You’ve probably heard that managed print can help save money–but did you know that it saves money in three different ways? Let’s take a look at what managed print can do for you!

    An Intricate Approach

    Managed print services are about more than keeping a tight grip on your printers themselves. If that were the case, it probably wouldn’t be such a successful solution. Instead, managed print treats your company as a complicated, sophisticated environment with all kinds of variables–and the result is a holistic approach that addresses multiple elements at once.

    Take, for example, your budget. Instead of just looking at the dollars and cents, managed print takes a closer look, helping you understand where your money is going and why.

    Sound too good to be true? Here are the three ways managed print saves you money (and makes some other great changes, too!).

    #1: Cost analysis

    The first step in any managed print program is generally the print audit, where you and your provider work together to get important information about your print environment. You’ll learn about device usage, the cost of consumables, good habits and bad habits, and more–and, by looking at this data, you’ll be able to see where your money goes and how to make better use of every dollar.

    #2: Workflow improvements

    Another way managed print helps save money is by addressing your workflow. Unnecessary steps and extra work can slow you down and drain your budget–but with managed print, it’s easier than ever to streamline and strengthen just about everything.

    #3: Savvy solutions

    Managed print services come armed with plenty of creative yet affordable solutions for your biggest printing pains–from security to efficiency. Whether you’re looking to automate tasks, connect to other devices, create a print queue, or step up your printing game, managed print is right there, with a cost-effective tool or trick.

    Ready to see what else managed print can do? Contact us today to find out!

  7. Managed Print: A Look at Print Audits

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    What is the first step of any great managed print plan? Simple: a print audit! Today we’re taking a closer look at print audits to find out what they are, how they work, and why they’re great news!

    What to Know

    When it comes to print audits–and all those managed print services you’ve probably heard about–most companies have three big questions: what, why, and how.

    The “What”

    A print audit is the first step on your managed print journey. It’s essentially an analysis of your entire print environment from the inside out–data, statistics, habits, strengths, weaknesses; you name it.

    The “Why”

    At first glance, print audits might seem stressful–but the truth is that, by revealing all of this information, a print audit helps you take control of your print environment and eliminate issues that impact security, efficiency, and budget. It also shows you where you’re excelling, so you can keep doing all the right things while working on your problem areas.

    The “How”

    Here’s how a print audit works!

    • #1: Your print infrastructure is analyzed. This is where your managed print provider learns about the “bones” of your print environment–like the types of machines you have, the physical layout of the space, and which devices are connected to your network.

    • #2: Next, it’s time to look at your budget. How much is being spent, what is it being spent on, and how often?

    • #3: Finally, you get a closer look at, well, you. A print audit helps reveal your habits–good and bad–like print volume, color or black and white, security oversights, and more.

    Once the print audit is completed, you’ll have all kinds of new data to look at and work with as you decide which new print solutions to implement, which machines to upgrade, and what habits to change.

    Want to learn more about managed print and print audits? Contact us today!

  8. What Managed Print Really Looks Like

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    It’s one thing to hear a long list of benefits about managed print, but it’s another thing entirely to see those benefits in action. Here’s what managed print services could look like in your business!

    An Innovative Approach

    It might be called managed print, but it’s not just about printing. This simple but powerful solution can help you address a little bit of everything, from the printers themselves to your tools and workflows. That’s what makes managed print so effective: it approaches your print environment as a complex, fluctuating ecosystem rather than just a room full of machines.

    So how does the magic happen? Simple: managed print helps you focus on three main areas. Let’s see what this might look like in a business like yours!

    Printers and Supplies

    First things first: managed print helps you take a careful look at the printers themselves. Do you have the right machines for your needs? Is your fleet too big, or not big enough? Are you using the best settings?

    Next, you’ll take a look at your supplies. By analyzing usage data straight from your printers, managed print can help you schedule and automate deliveries, so you never run out of what you need.


    Managed print also addresses your workflows by helping you see what’s working and what isn’t. With new tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to cut unnecessary steps, simplify communication, and streamline your whole work-life.


    Although managed print is, naturally, focused on print security, it also helps you see all the ways your machines and workflows are connected–and, thus, all the things you need to protect. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to identify weaknesses and implement targeted solutions with managed print.

    Want to see what managed print can do for you? Contact us today!

  9. Managed Print for Architects: Building Benefits

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    Managed print services is one of those rare business solutions that allows you to “build” benefits from the ground up by putting you in charge of every change, solution, and improvement. Naturally, this makes managed print a great fit for architects–so let’s take a look at what can happen when you put the two together.

    Architecture Challenges

    The easiest way to understand what managed print can do is to see it in action–addressing and solving challenges. Let’s take a look at some printing woes that might crop up in the daily life of an architect:

    • Scale. Almost all architecture work is large-scale in one way or another–even at the printing level. Some print structures can’t handle the demands of these high-complexity, high-speed projects.
    • Format. Architecture doesn’t stay within the confines of the 2D world. Jobs often require different formats, and they all need to be compatible with one another to keep communication smooth.
    • Media. Getting the point across, organizing a team, and managing information isn’t usually limited to one media type–which means print environments need to adapt to different papers, inks, and project types.

    Managed Print Solutions

    Now that we’ve seen the challenges let’s take a look at the solutions–managed print style!

    • Scalability

    No matter how intense a project or job might be, managed print can scale to fit. You get to mix and match solutions, so the benefits are uniquely yours.

    • Adaptation

    Have a new media challenge, a mobile device that needs to connect to the machines or a wide-format job? Managed print can help you choose all the right tools and machines for all your projects, both now and in the future.

    • Creativity

    The best part about managed print is that it doesn’t limit your creativity. Instead, it smooths out rough patches in your workflows and print environment to ensure that you can do a little bit of everything, and do it confidently.

    Want to learn more about managed print for architecture? Interested in “building” your benefits? Contact us today!

  10. 5 Minutes with Managed Print

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    Can any business solution start making a difference in just five minutes? Let’s see if managed print is up to the task!

    The Power of Better Printing

    Let’s be honest: no business solution is going to change the world in just five minutes.

    But managed print doesn’t need to change the world. All it has to do is change the way you think about printing, your print environment, and even the machines themselves–and, believe it or not, all the great benefits will follow. It’s that simple. Better printing means better communication, better budgets, better customer service, and a better bottom line.

    So how can managed print makes such a big difference in such a small amount of time? Let’s find out!

    #1: Changing perspectives

    One of the first things managed print does for you is changing your perspective. It helps you realize that your print environment, like the rest of your company, is a unique, powerful, ever-changing element–not some stagnant thing you should try to ignore. You’ll learn to be more flexible, adapt to new tech and solutions, and keep your print procedures modern–and all you have to do is take a minute to see your business in a new light.

    #2: Changing information

    In under five minutes, managed print can change the game just by giving you new data. Just imagine what you could do if you knew which machines were used the most (and for what), how often you print in color (and why), and where every single dollar was going. It’s possible with managed print!

    #3: Changing security

    Even with managed print, modern security isn’t a five-minute task–but you can get a pretty good start just by knowing where to look. Managed print helps you identify, analyze, and address weaknesses in your security protocols and procedures–and it’s so fast that you’ll start feeling safer right away.

    What can managed print start doing for you in just five minutes? Contact us today to find out!

  11. Making the Grade: Managed Print for Schools

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    Schools are all about teaching, inspiring, and encouraging students–but who’s there to help the schools themselves “make the grade” when it comes to efficiency and environmental friendliness? The answer is simple: managed print!

    The Power of Printing

    Many schools don’t realize that they have an unbridled power just waiting to be utilized. That power is printing, and it can do a lot for your efficiency, security, productivity, and staff and student satisfaction–as long as it’s managed properly, that is. Printing left unchecked can quickly wreak havoc on just about everything, especially the budget. Luckily, that’s where managed print comes in. By helping schools understand their print environment, take control of their machines, and create simple but powerful workflows without any extra steps, managed print can help you get an A+ in printing.

    A Closer Look

    Let’s see just how managed print works in schools like yours!

    • #1: Better budgeting

    School budgets are always changing, and more often than not, they’re pretty tight. Printing can’t be allowed to drain the bank. Managed print helps staff members understand where the money is going, which areas can be simplified or improved to be less expensive, and how to create better budgets for things like upgraded printers.

    • #2: Flexibility

    Education changes a little bit every day. Managed print helps schools keep up with every change on the horizon, from fluctuating enrollment to financial challenges to new technology, all without cutting corners or costing too much. It also helps schools come up with a solid print foundation, so they can be flexible without changing every little detail.

    • #3: Organization

    It’s easy to get overwhelmed by folders, filing cabinets, and stacks of papers lining the desks. With managed print, schools can change their habits to rely less on printing and more on digital communication, which means that the printers are used effectively and efficiently (and the stacks of paper get a little smaller every day!).

    Ready to see what managed print can do for your school? Contact us today to get started!

  12. Is Managed Print Good For the Environment?

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    It’s not every day that you find a business solution just as good for your wallet as it is for the environment, but that’s exactly the case when it comes to managed print. What’s so unique about this solution? Read on to find out why managed print might be your company’s new best friend.

    Going Green the Smart Way

    There are lots of ways to go green–some of them even fast, efficient, and painless for your business. However, the problem with going green is that many companies see it as a choice between the environment and their bottom line. The good news is that, as we develop new solutions and technologies, that viewpoint is slowly but surely changing–and with options like managed print, it’s possible to go green and save green at the same time.

    To prove it, let’s take a look at some of the “greenest” things about managed print:

    • less waste, which means less printing, less use of consumables, and less energy consumption;
    • better digital solutions, allowing you to say “no” to the print button;
    • more effective use of consumables, like double-sided printing;
    • recycling techniques, especially when it comes to ink and toner cartridges;
    • cost-effective fleet management, which means identifying and eliminating machines that are outdated or inefficient so you can replace them with cheaper, greener devices;
    • and smarter supply storage, so you don’t order more than you need or accidentally waste anything.

    Notice a pattern? Everything good for the environment is also good for your efficiency, budget, productivity, and even customer service. Now that’s a multitasking solution!

    Ready to see how managed print can help you go green and save green? Contact us today!

  13. What Managed Print Does For Your Budget

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    By now, you probably know that managed print can do all kinds of great things for workflows, efficiency, and even customer service–but let’s be honest: you want to know what it does for your budget. Today we’ll focus exclusively on your bottom line and how managed print services helps save money (and maybe even make more of it!).

    A Money-Friendly Solution

    Managed print isn’t “all about saving money,” and that’s what makes it so great at saving money. Think of it this way: when you’re focused specifically on your budget, agonizing over every dollar, it’s way easier to miss the root of the problem. When you take a few steps back and address the bigger picture, though–like your entire print environment–you’re able to see exactly where your money is going, what needs to change, and what you can do about it. That’s why managed print might be your budget’s best friend.

    Let’s take a look at managed print in action!

    • Controlling supplies

    Ordering, storing, and using supplies can drain your budget. Managed print helps you analyze and control every step of the process, so you’re not wasting anything–dollars or paper.

    • Improving workflows

    Do you have extra steps in your workflow that are wasting time? Could you make things simpler and faster to save money? If there are places you could improve, managed print will find them–and, even better, it will help you address them.

    • Helping employees

    Solutions that save money for your company and are great news for your employees are the best kind of solutions. With managed print, it’s easy to implement new tools and even automation solutions that will make your employees happy and your budget even happier.

    Ready to see what managed print can do for your budget? Contact us today!

  14. How Managed Print Saves You Money

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    Managed print services is an excellent solution for all kinds of things, from improved security to streamlined communication. But did you know that managed print is also a fan-favorite when it comes to saving money? Here’s what you can expect from this specialized solution!

    Complex Problems, Simple Solutions

    The task of saving money in your business can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. After all, there are a lot of moving parts to take into account–and if you remove just one tiny thing, it feels like the whole system could collapse.

    That’s why so many companies are turning to managed print services for help controlling and protecting their budgets. Since printing is still at the heart of almost everything you do, even in this modern tech-driven world, it makes sense that a solution focused on printing would be capable of doing all kinds of great things. The best part is that you don’t have to spend your entire workflow on seeing results. All you need to do is implement a few simple print solutions, and just like that, your budget will be healthier and happier than ever.

    Here are just a few ways managed print services can save you money:

    • Better tools

    Managed print gives you access to all kinds of communication and efficiency solutions. When armed with the right tools, it’s a lot easier to cut costs without cutting corners.

    • Lower prices

    Another way managed print can protect your budget is by helping you find the best prices on everything from upgrades to paper and ink. You’ll be a savvy shopper, and your budget will thank you for it!

    • Improved cost per page

    The biggest goal of any managed print system is to improve your cost per page–essentially, making it cheaper for you to do your everyday printing. By gathering data about your habits, reviewing how your print environment works as a whole, and implementing targeted solutions — managed print helps bring this cost down without interrupting existing balances and workflows.

    This is just the beginning! To see what else managed print can do for your company, contact us today!

  15. The Biggest Benefits of Managed Print

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    The truth about managed print services is that it has a long list of benefits–so many, in fact, that it might take you days to fully appreciate them all. Luckily, it’s easy to see the biggest benefits of this great solution–and today, we’ll show you exactly what they are.

    What is Managed Print?

    Before we see what this solution can do, we should take a minute to see how it works. Managed print helps you take control of your entire print environment–from consumables to machine placement to specific settings–and recommends solutions designed specifically for you. It allows you to better understand your own habits, anticipate future needs, and streamline just about everything you do, all while saving time and money. There’s no limit to what you can achieve with a little help from managed print.

    Big Benefits

    So, what does managed print actually do? Let’s find out!

    #1: Improved security

    Did you know that hackers often start an attack by targeting the printer? Managed print helps you identify security problems in your print workflows and find fast, effective solutions–all without draining your budget. Your data, machines, and networks will be safer than ever.

    #2: Boosted efficiency

    One of the best things about managed print is that it introduces new solutions that you might not have considered before. For example, you could implement mobile printing to save time and improve flexibility; you could also use online tools to manage your devices remotely, allowing you to keep things running smoothly no matter what.

    #3: Strengthened communication

    Good communication relies on good printing. With managed print, you can minimize downtime and make sure everyone is using the printers from Lexmark Des Moines’ trusts as efficiently as possible–which, in turn, allows you to simplify and strengthen communication in every corner of your business.

    Want to see what else managed print can do? Contact us today for more information!

  16. Go Green with Managed Print!

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    Managed print is one of those unique solutions that can help you go green and save green at the same time. It’s simple but powerful, environmentally friendly but efficient–and best of all, it benefits just about everything in your company while helping to protect Mother Earth. Sound too good to be true? Read on to find out how managed print can help you go green the smart way!

    Creative Solutions

    The great thing about managed print is that there’s nothing “cookie-cutter” about it. Instead, it’s completely designed around you–your workflows, your needs, your machines, and your unique goals. By analyzing your print environment and helping you find ways to improve your habits and processes, managed print introduces solutions you might never have considered–and the best part is that, by making things better for you, managed print is also making things better for the environment. Every time you use double-sided printing or rely on a digital tool instead of physical paper, you’re keeping your budget and Mother Earth healthy and happy.

    Here are just a few of the creative ways managed print can help you go green!

    • Minimize waste

    Managed print isn’t about getting you to stop printing. It’s actually about teaching you all the best ways to print smart, which means minimizing wasteful practices and being mindful about how you use your machines.

    • Make efficient choices

    Little choices can make big differences. For example, you can change the defaults on your printer to be more environmentally friendly, use recycled paper, and recycle your print cartridges–simple for you, but great for your budget (and the Earth).

    • Choose good upgrades

    Upgrading to more efficient, less wasteful machines can do wonders for your sustainability. Older machines waste money, energy, ink, and paper–but managed print helps you find the smartest, most efficient ways to upgrade so your fleet is always as green as can be.

    Ready to see what managed print can do for you? Contact us today!

  17. Managed Print Solutions for Auto Dealerships

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    Auto dealerships have a wide range of documents that must be printed regularly. This makes it important to ensure that all of the printers in the office are working well and ready to be used.

    Printer Maintenance

    Part of managed print services in Des Moines is the regular maintenance of the printers. This keeps an eye on whether a printer needs any work, whether it has gotten slow or is experiencing problems like paper jams. If any repairs need to be done, managed print services can let you know about them before they get bigger and far more expensive to complete. Maintenance allows for your printers to last longer and to be ready to go when they are needed by salespeople and management alike.

    Saving Time for Employees

    Auto dealerships are fast-paced workplaces, and there is little way to predict how busy a day will be. When your printers may or may not work, this can take time away from an employee’s day for checking on the printers, trying to fix them, getting the paper to put in them, etc. To keep pace with the sales force, managed print services are there to keep the printers up and running and stocked with everything they need. Your salespeople need to be free to go out and make sales. The time that they spend on printer maintenance only takes away from making those sales.

    Secure Data

    Part of today’s managed print services is ensuring that the privacy features are working well on every printer. Those features are especially important with today’s danger of data breaches. The privacy of your customers is of the utmost importance, and a data breach can ruin the reputation of a dealership. This makes managed print services an important part of your overall security. So much data from customers is needed that remaining compliant with their privacy is a major task that must be done every time their data is printed.

    If you’re ready for managed print services to keep your dealership’s printers prepared to be used, and your data private, contact us to find out more.

  18. Managed Print Benefits for All Businesses

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    Managed print services typically supervise all of your print provisions, including device hardware, maintenance, service, and supplies. Print management is a great way to consolidate print costs and streamline your print environment, making it easier to run and supervise. MPS is no longer expensive and unwieldy to roll out; it is an essential solution with many benefits for any business.

    Sustainable Solution

    By tracking your print activity, managed print lets you know how much you are printing, if there are areas of waste and highlights the potential for cutting back. This is a great way to reduce paper waste as well as conserve toner and electricity usage — saving money and reducing emissions.

    Financial Benefits

    When it comes to managed print, most businesses agree that the financial savings are top-notch. The all-inclusive nature of print management means that your costs are bundled, saving you on supplies, service, maintenance, and more. Plus, you reduce expenses by eliminating the need for emergency repairs and troubleshooting. Consolidating print expenses eliminates stressful cost estimating and eases budget concerns.

    Oversight and Control

    Beyond financial savings, MPS helps businesses eliminate time and aggravation with simple oversight, automated notifications, increased control, and more. Never worry about running out of toner or ink again — with print monitoring, we will notify it is running low and send you more before it is even an issue for your business.

    IT Assistance

    Even if you have a great IT support team on staff, they probably have many other issues to deal with other than overseeing the functionality of your copiers and printers. Using a managed print provider frees up your IT resources, allowing your tech experts to focus on other technology pursuits. Contact us for more information on managed services.

  19. Analyze and Reduce Printing Costs with MPS

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    When it comes to your print environment, it is more than just paper and ink. And underestimating the number of variables involved often means you end up spending more than you anticipated or budgeted.

    You probably already have various business systems in place across your organization to help improve productivity and cut costs. So, why not extend that same thought process to your print initiatives? With managed print services you can assess your current print landscape, pinpoint areas of improvement, and save a significant amount of money.

    Assessing the Situation

    The reality is that most companies do not have a great handle on their print fleet and the associated costs. Do you know how many copiers, printers, and multifunction devices you currently have and how many different people are accessing them? What about supplies? Is more than one person authorized to purchase ink and paper for your fleet? When you think about, it obvious why managed print is a necessity.

    Reaping the Benefits and Savings

    One of the most significant benefits of MPS is that it can be tailored to your specific business needs and budget. Working within your parameters, we will develop a plan that includes supplies management, IT support, monitoring and reporting, and more to make it easier for you to manage your print fleet.

    Plus, we can work with the equipment that you already have — no pressure for expensive upgrades or new machines unless there is a legitimate need. Often upgrades can save money in the long run, but our managed print program focuses on providing support and supplies for your existing print fleet.

    Uncovering Hidden Costs

    Since hidden costs are one of the biggest print concerns, we use software to track your printer and copier usage. Once we have this big-picture view of use and expenditures and we can make suggestions for improving spending and productivity.

    If you a ready to get a handle on your print practices and expenses, it is time for top-of-the-line managed print services. Click here to read more about the benefits of managed print.

  20. Immediate Benefits with Managed Print Services

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    Your business might have a printer, or it might have a dozen printers. Either way, you probably have a printer. Maintaining these printers can cost you time and money, and you often don’t have a printer maintenance expert on your staff. Outsourcing your print management to a third-party provider is a great way to streamline your workflows and save your business time and money.

    Here are a few of the immediate benefits that come with Managed Print Services:

    Cut Printing Costs

    With Managed Print Services (MPS), your company could experience significant cost reduction for your annual printing spending. Managed Print can save your business up to 30% of previous printing expenses. There are many ways that Managed Print helps you cut costs, but the most significant ways are improved efficiency, initial cost reduction, standardization, and cost accountability.

    An MPS provider will evaluate your print environment and make suggestions for cutting costs and increasing efficiency. They will help you get rid of outdated or ineffective devices that are costing you additional expenses. They will also monitor device usage to ensure that supplies like ink, toner, and paper are being used appropriately.

    Improved Security with Digital Documents

    A Managed Print provider will equip you with devices to effectively scan documents to file electronically on either a cloud network or a local storage network. Not only will this free up filing space in your office and effectively organize your documents, but it also protects them by removing them from your physical office.

    Green Practices

    An MPS provider will help your business initiate more eco-friendly practices for your print environment. Through the solutions offered with MPS, your business will create less waste, recycle more, and save energy.

    To learn more about the immediate benefits that Managed Print Services has to offer your business, contact MMIT Business Solutions Group today!

  21. Improve Your Workflow with Managed Print

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    With many office processes, simple goals require complicated systems. Running a smooth operation is a goal of the finest companies, but knowing how to implement those processes is easier said than done. With Managed Print Services (MPS), you receive a one-stop solution to your business’ printing and document workflows.

    An MPS provider will guarantee that your print environment is equipped to handle workflows effectively. Through a print audit, an MPS provider will determine which devices and solutions will make your workflows as productive as possible.

    Here are the pieces that make up an effective print environment:

    Reduce the Necessary Steps

    One of the main goals of MPS is simplicity. Rather than stocking your office with more devices to use throughout the office, an MPS provider will help you consolidate your equipment to develop an effective plan for your office. A Multifunction Printer is an excellent example of this, which combines your printer, scanner, fax machines, and copier into one, intuitive device.

    Ensure Effective Locations

    An overlooked part of print efficiency is considering where you put your devices. An MPS provider will examine the layout of your office and develop a plan to place devices in the most effective locations in your office. This step will help cut down the time spent picking up documents and cut back on disruptions that occur.

    Monitor Performance

    An MPS provider will actively monitor the details of your print environment to ensure that programs are running as efficiently as possible. This will ensure that the system is running as planned and allows the provider to make changes if necessary. They will also install monitoring software that keeps track of supplies, like toner and ink, for automatic replenishment. These monitoring procedures will ensure that systems stay productive and active, which will reduce downtime and save your employees time and energy.

    MPS is the best solution to take control of your print environment. To learn more about Managed Print, contact MMIT Business Solutions Group today!

  22. 5 Benefits of Managed Print Services for Nonprofit Organizations

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    Operating on a tight budget is a common thread for the majority of nonprofit organizations. Many nonprofits wrestle through tough organizational practices because they are unable to hire expert staff to manage and fulfill operations. This often results in overspending and unnecessary costs on organizations that don’t have much to work with. When a nonprofit does avoid overspending, they often invest in cheaper equipment or hold onto older devices that should be upgraded, which leads to inefficiency and eventually, overspending.

    Managed Print Services

    Managed Print Services (MPS) is a print solution that helps businesses and organizations tackle their print environments in an efficient and cost-cutting way. Many MPS providers have developed strategies specifically for nonprofit organizations, to meet their unique needs.

    Here are five ways that Managed Print can benefit your business:

    1. Cut Costs

    An MPS provider will perform a thorough audit, examining your organization’s print environment. They will provide you with a report based on the details from the audit with factual insights and recommendations to save money or improve productivity. Nonprofits can cut print-related costs by up to 30% when they enlist MPS.

    2. Create a Predictable Budget

    MPS consolidates all your ordering to one location that serves your specific organization. This ensures that prices are consistent and honest, creating a more predictable budget for your group.

    3. Optimized Equipment Use

    Managed print services will offer solutions to your organization to help get the most out of your office equipment. Because of how expensive new devices are, MPS can help you use what you have to its highest potential.

    4. Increased Efficiency

    With the data collected during your print audit and through constant monitoring, MPS will offer solutions to ensure that your print environment is working as efficiently as possible.

    5. Streamline Workflows

    Most nonprofit organizations use a hefty amount of paper in their day-to-day functions. While some forms will inevitably remain in the form of paper documents, MPS helps nonprofits effectively manage paper by making it digital when possible. Digital documents are shared and stored much more efficiently, saving you time and money.

    These are just a handful of the many benefits available to you with MPS. To learn more about how Managed Print Services can benefit your nonprofit, contact MMIT Business Solutions Group today!

  23. What Managed Print Services Really Saves You

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    Businesses everywhere are boasting of the benefits they’re receiving by enlisting Managed Print Services. You might have heard of the time, money, and resources that businesses are saving with managed print services (MPS). Today we are going to share the need-to-know details of MPS so you can learn how your business could gain from an MPS provider.

    Here are four benefits MPS has for your business:

    Ongoing IT Support

    Every day in your office, your business relies on various technology to accomplish tasks that organize systems, streamline workflows, and increase employee productivity. With an MPS provider, your business is equipped to protect devices and networks with 24/7 availability and reasonable service contracts to ensure devices are properly maintained.


    Managing all the elements involved in your print environment is a tough task that can cost when it is done incorrectly. MPS keeps devices operating, and supplies replenished, which keeps your business running smoothly. Your company will be given insight as to which devices need upkeep or upgrading, which will ensure your business possesses the best office equipment to function efficiently.

    Security Features

    Your business’ systems obtain sensitive information that could put your company, employees, and customers at risk. MPS will assist your IT support team in their efforts to protect data and information that your business must defend. An MPS provider will assure that you have taken all possible security measures, like protecting your hard drives and other networks connected to your print environment.

    Cut Costs

    Managed print services increase productivity throughout your entire business, but it also saves your business money. Significant savings can be found with MPS, here are a few ways it can help businesses cut costs:

    • Predictable Print Budgets

    • Reduced Waste

    • Lower Maintenance Costs

    • Reduced Labor Costs

    To learn more about how Managed Print Services can benefit your business, contact MMIT Business Solutions Group today!

  24. The Benefits of Managed Print Services

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    Managing your print environment is a time consuming, stressful process. Managed print services (MPS) is a time-saving, cost-effective key for streamlining your print environment and reducing the stresses associated with print management. MPS has an abundance of benefits for your company and will help you understand the best ways to streamline your office equipment.

    Here are some of the benefits associated with MPS:

    Equipment Analysis

    An MPS program will analyze your complete print environment from top to bottom. This will give you insight on which equipment is useful and which equipment could use an upgrade. This analysis will point you towards efficient devices that will improve productivity.

    Reduce Printing

    Another area the MPS program will analyze is the volume of printing in your office. It will reveal which users print most and help point you towards waste solutions. Many businesses waste a lot of supplies because printing goes unmonitored. This process will lead to savings and discipline for your print environment.


    Managed print services will also analyze your business’ current security measures to ensure that documents are secure. There are layers of security measures available for companies when it comes to printing; MPS will give you peace of mind that you have taken all the necessary steps to protect documents, data, and information.

    Improved Efficiency and Maintained Equipment

    An MPS provider becomes a long-term business partner for your company. You will always be in-the-know of the most current technology and solutions. Features you wouldn’t know are available for your employees will be made known to you, and your staff will be efficient and productive.

    MPS will also ensure that your printers are operating at its optimal potential. This will cut down equipment downtime and will leave employees feeling right about the system in place for your business’ printing.

    To learn more about how managed print services can improve your business, contact MMIT Business Solutions today!

  25. How Managed Print Helps Businesses Overcome Security Threats

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    Most business security plans include robust strategies for protecting networked computers and smartphones. However, it’s taking more time than it should for decision-makers to include networked printers in their security strategies.

    Printers are everywhere, and it’s impossible to know just how many are connected to networks. Experts agree that the hundreds of millions of printers and copiers that are common in offices across the world are ripe for takeover.

    Are You Safe?

    Hackers know that gaining control of your printers is the first step toward gaining control of your networks and then your data. Here are a few sobering facts:

    Fact #1: Businesses often wait until their printers fail to address security concerns. That old printer in the corner may still crank out documents, but it may an open window for hackers to steal your company’s information. Instead of waiting for your printers to fail so you can get just a little more value from your investment, contact a managed print services provider now to schedule an upgrade. You’ll have peace of mind and access to the security solutions you need to protect your network.

    Fact #2: Even new printers may not be protected. Your printer may be a recent purchase, but if you’re managing your fleet on your own, there may be security features you’ve overlooked. Managed print providers have the tools to search out vulnerabilities and help you correct them before it’s too late.

    Fact #3: Less than 2% of the world’s networked printers have up-to-date security solutions in place. To say that we’re in trouble is an understatement. Hackers are working around the clock looking for unprotected printers to gain access to millions of documents and dollars. How safe is your business?

    You can overcome the security risks caused by an unmanaged print infrastructure. Contact MMIT Business Solutions for a Managed Print Services assessment before it’s too late.

  26. Try Managed Print to Attack Your Third-Highest Operating Expense

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    It’s common to think of printing costs as an expense that isn’t very high and doesn’t require extensive tracking. Unfortunately, most business managers and owners have no hard numbers when it comes to documenting printing costs.

    The Real Story

    The surprising truth is that, for many businesses, printing costs rank just behind rent and payroll, coming in a strong third on the red side of the balance sheet. Surprised? Most business owners are, which is why so many are searching for solutions from managed print providers. Here are the changes your company can expect.

    Improved Management

    You can get more from your copiers and printers, and you can do it for less than you’re spending now.

    Managed print services providers work with your existing equipment to improve the way you and your employees interact with the print infrastructure while also addressing equipment performance. Look for:

    • Improved equipment support for your existing fleet, including proactive maintenance and fast service when something goes wrong.
    • High-quality supplies and on-time, hassle-free shipments.
    • Access to solutions that reduce print costs and improve print-related workflows.

    Rules-Based Printing

    Uncontrolled printing may be the leading culprit behind your high printing costs. Rules-Based Printing lets you set limits and restrictions to bring costs back in line.

    • Establish rules to prevent employees from printing emails, web pages, and personal documents.
    • Route high-volume print jobs to the most cost-effective device.
    • Use default settings to enable automatic duplexing or two-sided printing to reduce paper consumption.
    • Default color printers to use black and white whenever possible.
    • Use routing rules to pinpoint errors and duplications before printing.
    • Use charge-back software to track costs for internal departments and clients.

    Managed Print Services can help your organization reduce wasteful printing habits, improve document security, and reduce equipment downtime. To find out how, contact us at MMIT today!

  27. Managed Print Services Remedies for 3 Critical Issues

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    If you could save 30% on your third-highest operating cost, would you do it? Printing costs come in just behind office space and labor, but many companies have no idea where they stand.

    Here’s how your company can recoup some serious operating capital with Managed Print Services.

    1. Unnecessary printing.

    Unchecked printing can punch a massive hole in your revenues. Rules-based printing addresses the issue by bringing print accountability directly where it’s most evident—at the device.

    • Reduce paper usage in half by setting your devices to automatic duplexing or two-sided printing.
    • Track printing habits and find out who’s printing, what they’re printing, and how often they’re doing it.
    • Impose departmental and individual limits to keep printing in check.

    2. High-cost devices.

    Is your fleet top-heavy with inkjet desktop printers and other consumer-grade devices? Managed Print Services experts assess your print environment, weeding out inefficient devices that devour high-cost ink and toner cartridges, consume too much energy, and fail just when you need them most. Professional-grade printers and multifunction systems may have a higher sticker price, but the cost-per-page is almost always much lower than big-box, off-the-shelf equipment. And leasing makes acquisition affordable, even the most conservative budget.

    3. Maintenance issues.

    Your IT staff knows all too well how print-related helpdesk calls can interfere with mission-critical tasks. The rest of your employees may be frustrated with equipment downtimes and ongoing issues that keep them from doing their jobs. Managed Print Services gives your company access to industry-trained and certified technicians to monitor your equipment. A system of alerts triggers a service call (either remote on on-site) when a device isn’t working to the manufacturer’s specifications.

    Managed Print Services delivers an entire list of benefits, and we’ve barely scratched the surface! Contact us at MMIT to learn more!

  28. Is Your MFP a Security Risk?

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    SMBs are well aware of the security risks facing their businesses today. Most make security a top priority and use multiple solutions to thwart unauthorized access to computers, buildings, and networks. But even with heightened awareness, it’s easy to miss the vulnerability that’s right inside the office door.

    Print Security

    The typical office printer used to operate as a single-function device that duplicated or printed hard copy documents. Today’s multifunction printers are much more complicated, and most are connected to company networks. Their ability to convert and share information digitally is what sets them apart from single-function imaging equipment; it’s also what makes them attractive to hackers and others with less-than-honest intentions. Here are two areas where your office printer may be vulnerable.

    1. Abandoned documents.

    How often have you retrieved documents from a print tray and also walked away with someone else’s print job? It’s easy to do, and the documents you’ve picked up may include protected employee information from the HR department or confidential company correspondence. Whatever the case, when confidential documents are abandoned in print trays, there’s a potentially catastrophic security event in progress.

    Managed Print Services professionals can mitigate the risk of abandoned print jobs with solutions like pull printing. Simply defined, pull printing requires the user to be present and authenticate at the printer before the job releases to the print tray.

    2. Data in transit.

    Hackers have honed in on printers that don’t feature advanced data encryption. By intercepting data in transit, hackers can then enter company networks via the multifunction printer. Managed print solves the problem by enabling advanced data encryption and other solutions to keep unauthorized users out of print infrastructures.

    To find out more about print security, contact us at MMIT for a Managed Print assessment today!

  29. 5 Ways MPS Providers Add Value to Your Business

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    After you’ve decided to implement a managed print strategy (good move, by the way), choosing your service partner is the next step in the process. As with any acquisition of equipment or services, the product without a commitment to your success isn’t worth the investment.

    How Do They Measure Up?

    If this is your first managed print engagement, you may not know what questions to ask or how to gauge the responses. If you’re in the process of choosing a partner to take over an existing managed print engagement, you’ve likely got plenty of good questions ready to go. Either way, here’s our list of top inquiries to ask any managed print candidate vying to manage your print environment.

    1. Can you provide an accurate assessment of the current state of your print infrastructure? You need a wide-ranging assessment that outlines your current requirements, print-related processes, imaging equipment inventories, and detailed cost analysis.

    2. What does your typical MPS transition look like? An experienced managed print provider knows how to deliver a smooth transition with as few disruptions to your processes as possible.

    3. How committed are you to eliminating downtime? Downtime eats into productivity and impacts employee morale. Ask about response time, service team credentials, and their ability to address issues remotely.

    4. How much do your clients save on average? Managed print engagements can deliver savings as high as 30% of current print spend. What is the candidate’s typical savings goal, and how often do they reach it?

    5. We’re concerned about print security. Are you? Managed print services best practices include security solutions to keep your confidential information out of the wrong hands.

    A managed print engagement can help your organization save money and increase efficiency. Contact us at MMIT to learn how we measure up today!

  30. Choosing a Managed Print Services Partner

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    If you’re considering a managed print services contract, you’re probably wondering how you can choose the best provider for your business. There’s a lot more to the picture than break-fix solutions and consumables. You can enjoy cost savings and a wide range of benefits if you take full advantage of an excellent managed print services program.

    What Does Managed Print Offer?

    Managed print services is an outsourcing solution that has become increasingly popular in recent years as companies move toward better utilizing their existing technology. There are myriad benefits associated with managed print services, including saving time and controlling costs. Companies with managed print services report benefits such as:

    • More secure, control, and reporting within a business print environment
    • Less burden on IT staff and fewer disruptions to IT infrastructure
    • Better cost monitoring and visibility over print budget
    • Enhanced ability to meet sustainability goals
    • More data on print habits and processes
    • Ongoing process improvements
    • Better supply chain and vendor relationship

    Choosing a Provider

    What should you look for in a managed print services contract? Here are a few things to consider.

    1. Security is always a top priority: Make sure you’re choosing a provider who understands that today’s businesses operate in an increasingly vulnerable environment. Security should always be at the top of your provider’s priority list.
    2. Integration should be easy: Your managed services provider should be looking for ways to integrate your current IT infrastructure with your print environment.
    3. Reporting is key: You’ll want to have new insights into how your organization’s print environment functions and where there’s room for improvement. Make sure you choose a provider that’s willing to do the heavy lifting in providing you with the data you need to make decisions.

    For more information about managed print services, contact us today.

  31. Don’t Let Paper Cuts Ruin Your Office Budget

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    Bear with us; we’re going to get “punny” here.

    You know when you get a paper cut? It’s the tiniest thing—sometimes you can’t even see it. You often get a paper cut in the blink of an eye, and all of the sudden, your skin is on fire. Even just imagining a paper cut makes you uncomfortable, right? It’s tiny, and it seems insignificant, but it can make a significant impact on your day.

    Now imagine your hands were full of little paper cuts. That’s how your printing budget can be when excess printing occurs. A page here, a document there—it never seems like much at the moment. But put together, these instances of excess printing will add up to cut into your budget in a way that makes printing a burden.

    Changing Your Printing Habits

    How can you change these excess printing habits that employees have developed over time? How can you track and see how much excess printing your business does? How can you lower your printing costs?

    The best way to start is with print tracking. Did you know that you can see exactly what your employees print in a simple report with the right software? Most companies don’t track printing, and this oversight is where most of the money is lost. Here are the tips that will cut the excess printing out of your business:

    1. Set up simple printing policies: Your employees should know what you want them to print and what’s not appropriate for the workplace. They should also know about wasteful printing that they may not think about, such as printing from websites or in full color when unnecessary.
    2. Print double-sided: Set all of your print drivers to automatically print double-sided to reduce paper usage significantly right off the bat.
    3. Use draft mode: Most internal documents don’t need to be of any high quality to get the job done. Set your print drivers to automatically use “draft mode,” a feature that uses less ink but is perfectly readable.

    For more information about how to lower your printing budget with managed print services, contact us today.

  32. How Managed Print Services Lowers Costs

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    There’s a significant expense lurking in your balance sheet that you probably don’t even know about. Your company likely spends a lot of time and money on financial reporting, measuring income and expenditures with clinical precision. But if recent surveys are correct, you’re probably among the majority that are missing costs that account for about 2-4% of your yearly expenses.

    Those costs? They’re related to printing. Printing is often the third-highest expense a company incurs yearly—right behind rent and payroll. But many businesses have these overall costs spread over many department budgets and in different categories—supplies, technology, energy, and more. Because of this, few business executives get to see the full picture of their printing costs, and if they did, they’d likely want to find a way to rein these costs in.

    Managed Print Services Reduce Overall Costs

    The good news is there’s a solution that can not only give you the simple accounting tools to see your overall printing costs but also help you drastically lower them. Businesses are increasingly turning to managed print services as a way to handle, control, and lower their printing costs. Here’s how it works.

    1. Supply Management: Chances are, you have an overstocked supply closet somewhere in your office. Overbuying supplies is expensive, and finding the balance to keep your printers fully stocked while saving money is a full-time job. Let your managed services provider handle the supplies.
    2. Fleet Management: Your company has probably already wasted countless dollars on machines that weren’t the right fit, and now you’re left with underutilized technology. Managed services ensure you have exactly the devices you need.
    3. Printing control: Who’s printing what? Do you know? Print management includes accounting that will give you exactly the information you need to curb unnecessary printing.

    For more information about how your company can benefit from managed print services, contact us.

  33. 3 Benefits of Managed Print Services

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    If you’ve heard the buzz surrounding managed print services, you may be asking, “What can this solution do for me?” Managed print services aren’t just trendy, as evidenced by the many businesses flocking to it yearly. Here are a few of the many reasons why managed print services have become a staple in the modern office.

    1. MPS Improves Your Current Print Environment

    When you choose managed print services, your managed services provider begins the process of enhancing your print environment. By examining your current equipment, devices, and workflows, your managed services provider will root out inefficiencies and look for new ways to make your technology work for you. Sometimes, this is as simple as reallocating your current printer fleet to maximize usage. Other times, a significant overhaul of your entire print environment is in order. Whatever your print structure needs, your managed services provider will get it done.

    2. MPS Boosts Efficiency and Productivity

    When your machines are ready, well-managed, and placed strategically, you’ll be able to improve your company’s overall productivity. Outdated processes are generally due to old technology and equipment, and updating your print management can bring everything into the 21st century.

    3. MPS Maintains Supply Levels

    One of the best parts of using managed print services is the hands-off supply management you’re able to enjoy. Your managed services provider will handle everything from device maintenance to supply replenishment, giving you and your employees more time to focus on your business’s core competencies.

    If you’re interested in learning more about how managed print services can benefit your company, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you find the right mix of technology and solutions to make your company thrive.

  34. Non-Profits Need Managed Print Services: Here’s Why

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    Non-profit work is inspiring, meaningful, and worthwhile. It also comes with a unique set of challenges that other organizations don’t face as acutely. Nothing shows this more clearly than the pressure non-profit organizations feel to run on a tight budget, sometimes squeezing every last penny out of donations to make big dreams and great things happen. If your non-profit is looking for another area to cut back costs, consider taking a closer look at how you manage your print environment.

    Managed Print Services for Non-Profits

    Maybe when you read the phrase “managed your print environment,” you thought, Well, we don’t manage our printer environment. This is typical in many organizations, and particularly in non-profits. Who has time to devote staff hours to planning, strategizing, and maintaining your print environment?

    But without this kind of monitoring, your printers and supplies are probably cost you way too much. Printing is a necessary part of the office world, particularly when you need to communicate with clients and donors on a regular basis through newsletters, flyers, brochures, and posters. Without a steady hand at the helm, your print environment could become a drain on your organization’s finances with the potential to squeeze your budget even tighter.

    Managed print services can help with this. Here’s how: – Predict and lower costs through consolidating all print supply ordering and maintenance – Strategize and right-size your fleet for optimal usability, making sure you’re getting every ounce of productivity out of your machines – Implement common-sense policies to control printing, eliminating wasteful or mindless printing practices – Achieve cost reductions of around 30% or more

    With managed print services, you can turn your print environment into a money-maker, not a money-taker. Contact us to learn more.

  35. Print Rules can Create Huge Savings

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    Your business’ printing might only account for a penny, or even fractions of a penny, per print so you might be skeptical to see any large sums of money coming from reducing your printing. Though, when you realize that industry research indicates that nearly half of all printed documents end up in the trash that skepticism might fade a little. You can streamline and build some efficiencies into your business by implementing print rules as a component of your Managed Print Services. Here are three ways managed print rules can save you real money:

    1. Reduce duplicate printing

    The fact is most documents are printed in numbers that are unnecessary and cost your business money. A system of print rules can reduce duplication of documents by reporting to the user that the document has already been printed to avoid unnecessary duplication. This is especially useful when a project affects more than one team member.

    2. Print reports tell you where your money is going

    Using print rules will allow you to access reports on your company’s printing habits. Here you can see which users are printing the most and take steps to assess the necessity of the prints. Being able to look at your print data will enable you to take action on a piece of your business cost that, before now, was largely a black box that you couldn’t access.

    3. Print to the appropriate printer

    In some cases, print rules can also be used as a print routing service as well. This technology will allow you to program your printer fleet to work together at detecting the best printer for the job when a print is initiated. This can be as simple as defaulting to black and white to routing to printers with different capabilities depending on the job requirements.

    Printing doesn’t have to be a black box of costs any longer. With print rules and managed print solutions, you can take control of your printing costs and return some of that money to your bottom line. Give us a call today for an assessment of your printer needs and how we can help.

  36. Managed Print: You Personal Cost Recovery Assistant

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    It is not uncommon in the least for businesses to need to keep track of costs associated with specific projects. This is true for law firms, architecture firms, and any other business that needs to know how much went into each project. In the case of law firms, each different case is kept track of for all of the expenses related to it, and when the case closes, those costs are recovered. As you can imagine, keeping track of the ins and outs of cost for each different aspect of a case can be tedious at best, and much is missed on a day-to-day basis. Luckily, when it comes to print-related case activities, managed print services steps in as your personal cost recovery assistant.

    How Managed Print Improves Cost Recovery in Law Firms

    When trying to keep track of print-related costs, it’s very nearly impossible to count and keep track of pages for each different case, take a guess at how much ink was used, and keep track of other expendables. With managed print services on your side, though, you’ll find it much easier to take control of costs and recover those costs at the end of a case.

    Managed print services allow you to keep track of your consumables: paper, ink or toner, electricity efficiency of different machines, which departments are printing what and how much, the list goes on. You’ll be sure to find it easier to keep track of the print-related cost, and later recover that cost at the end of each individual case.

    If keeping track of recoverable costs applies to your business and you find it a daily struggle, it may be time to make the move toward managed print services. Contact us to learn more!

  37. How to Manage the Switch to MPS

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    People are creatures of habit, and this comes out in the workplace. People like to get into a routine, and oftentimes, whether their routine is the most efficient or not, it isn’t fun to have it interrupted. The roll-out of a new managed print services plan comes with a few changes around the office, and it’s good to have a game plan for managing and explaining that change. If you can get your employees on board, the change will be incredibly smooth and seamless. You’ll need to facilitate the changing of your company’s mindset toward printing, realizing the benefits of what’s to come.

    Explaining the Why

    It’s important when implementing change to explain it, and well. No one likes the “just because” answer to questions, so make sure management first understands the why behind your move, and then knows to share openly with employees.

    Promote the Change

    Managed print services do incredible things, but they can only go so far without the help of you and your employees. Promoting a different way of thinking when it comes to printing will be crucial to your successful rollout of this new strategy. If we can help you with that, just let us know, and we can provide information.

    Accept Feedback

    If an employee is genuinely frustrated by the new system and has feedback, take that respectfully and give it true consideration. Not only does this help you see any potential blind spots, but it helps this change be something your employees are involved in on an individual level.

    If you’re getting ready to roll out a new managed print services plan in your company and need more advice on how to go about it, feel free to contact us for help!