What Managed Print Isn’t


As helpful as it is to look up all the details about a certain solution, sometimes it’s clearer and more effective to start with what it’s not. Today we’ll take a look at managed print for what it doesn’t offer, doesn’t do, and doesn’t provide to your company.

Clearing Things Up

Because managed print is a term that refers to a huge number of tools, solutions, tips, and tricks, it can be easy to get the wrong idea about its reputation. The good news is that most of the buzz around managed print is positive, so there are no “big bad rumors” to dispel; what’s most important is learning what you can and can’t expect from managed print so that you can decide if it’s a good fit for your company (and so that you can implement it as effectively as possible).

Here’s what to know about managed print!

#1: It isn’t a delivery service.

You might think that managed print is just about delivering ink, toner, and paper to keep your fleet functioning as efficiently as possible. Consumables are a big part of managed print, but they’re not the only thing this solution can help with. In fact, managed print helps you understand how you use consumables, choose more effective brands for your needs and machines, and save money by organizing orders–on top of a whole lot more, of course.

#2: It isn’t just about printing.

Sure, “print” is right there in the name–but managed print goes far beyond your printer fleet. By streamlining workflows, improving communication, and minimizing waste, managed print actually makes waves throughout your company.

#3: It’s more than a business relationship.

When you choose a managed print provider, you’re actually choosing a partner. Providers should be with you every step of the way, working to help you find creative solutions and remain flexible even in the face of complex challenges.

Want to learn more about what managed print is (and isn’t)? Looking for a managed print partner? Contact us today to get started!