Managed Print: A Look at Print Audits


What is the first step of any great managed print plan? Simple: a print audit! Today we’re taking a closer look at print audits to find out what they are, how they work, and why they’re great news!

What to Know

When it comes to print audits–and all those managed print services you’ve probably heard about–most companies have three big questions: what, why, and how.

The “What”

A print audit is the first step on your managed print journey. It’s essentially an analysis of your entire print environment from the inside out–data, statistics, habits, strengths, weaknesses; you name it.

The “Why”

At first glance, print audits might seem stressful–but the truth is that, by revealing all of this information, a print audit helps you take control of your print environment and eliminate issues that impact security, efficiency, and budget. It also shows you where you’re excelling, so you can keep doing all the right things while working on your problem areas.

The “How”

Here’s how a print audit works!

  • #1: Your print infrastructure is analyzed. This is where your managed print provider learns about the “bones” of your print environment–like the types of machines you have, the physical layout of the space, and which devices are connected to your network.

  • #2: Next, it’s time to look at your budget. How much is being spent, what is it being spent on, and how often?

  • #3: Finally, you get a closer look at, well, you. A print audit helps reveal your habits–good and bad–like print volume, color or black and white, security oversights, and more.

Once the print audit is completed, you’ll have all kinds of new data to look at and work with as you decide which new print solutions to implement, which machines to upgrade, and what habits to change.

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