Managed Print for Architects: Building Benefits


Managed print services is one of those rare business solutions that allows you to “build” benefits from the ground up by putting you in charge of every change, solution, and improvement. Naturally, this makes managed print a great fit for architects–so let’s take a look at what can happen when you put the two together.

Architecture Challenges

The easiest way to understand what managed print can do is to see it in action–addressing and solving challenges. Let’s take a look at some printing woes that might crop up in the daily life of an architect:

  • Scale. Almost all architecture work is large-scale in one way or another–even at the printing level. Some print structures can’t handle the demands of these high-complexity, high-speed projects.
  • Format. Architecture doesn’t stay within the confines of the 2D world. Jobs often require different formats, and they all need to be compatible with one another to keep communication smooth.
  • Media. Getting the point across, organizing a team, and managing information isn’t usually limited to one media type–which means print environments need to adapt to different papers, inks, and project types.

Managed Print Solutions

Now that we’ve seen the challenges let’s take a look at the solutions–managed print style!

  • Scalability

No matter how intense a project or job might be, managed print can scale to fit. You get to mix and match solutions, so the benefits are uniquely yours.

  • Adaptation

Have a new media challenge, a mobile device that needs to connect to the machines or a wide-format job? Managed print can help you choose all the right tools and machines for all your projects, both now and in the future.

  • Creativity

The best part about managed print is that it doesn’t limit your creativity. Instead, it smooths out rough patches in your workflows and print environment to ensure that you can do a little bit of everything, and do it confidently.

Want to learn more about managed print for architecture? Interested in “building” your benefits? Contact us today!