Multifunction Printer Tips: How to Break Bad Printing Habits


Everyone has a bad habit or two, but bad printing habits can be especially destructive–especially considering they create huge expenses without your company even realizing it. Here are a few tips and tricks for breaking those bad printing habits!

Printing the Smart Way

Multifunction printers are remarkably forgiving machines. They do their job without needing much work from us–all while offering unrivaled power, speed, quality, and even security. However, multifunction printers can’t reach their full potential if you and your employees are unknowingly working against them with bad printing habits. To help protect your printers, budget, customers, and your company at large, it’s best to take a step back and examine what your habits are–and which ones need to go.

Here are a few examples to help get you started!

Bad Habit #1: Wasteful printing

This one’s easy. If you’ve got a quick “trigger finger” when it comes to hitting the print button, you’re probably racking up pretty high printing costs–often for no good reason.

Solution: Carefully consider every print job. Do you need to use color or use single-sided documents? Do you even need to print in the first place?

Bad Habit #2: Flawed printing

Flawed printing occurs when you use the wrong settings, the wrong paper, or the wrong loading techniques. This habit isn’t as wasteful, but it does result in some wear-and-tear on your machine.

Solution: Read the owner’s manual on your multifunction printer when questions arise. Make sure you’re using the right consumables and settings for the job; after all, a little work now can save you heartache later!

Bad Habit #3: Unsafe printing

Leaving documents on the printer or using unsecured machines are two things that fall into the unsafe printing category. This is a particularly bad habit, as it impacts the security of your employees, your customers, and your whole company.

Solution: Use all the security tools and features your multifunction printer has to offer–and never leave documents unattended on the printer tray.

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