Cloud Security: What to Ask Your Service Provider


There are a whole host of questions you should ask before you sign a managed services contract, especially if you’re concerned about security. When it comes to cloud security, you have every reason to be nosy: it’s vital that you protect your business data and ensure that your information will be adequately handled. When it comes to cloud compliance, it’s crucial that firms in financial services, healthcare, retail, and government choose a service that provides the utmost attention to security.

In today’s business world, security threats are a constant concern. With data breaches in the news every week, it would be foolish to assume that your business is immune no matter its size. Take precautions on every level, especially your cloud services.

What to Ask Before Signing a Contract

If you’re considering a managed services contract for cloud hosting, make sure that you know what questions to ask. Work with your IT staff to come up with a list of questions that will help you decide whether a potential service provider meets your unique business needs.

  1. What information do you store?
  2. Where is your onsite physical storage?
  3. Who has access to your storage?
  4. How do you prevent unauthorized access?
  5. What levels of access are there?
  6. Have you helped customers through compliance audits? How many?
  7. What kind of compliance support do you offer in your service level agreement?

These questions will get the conversation going for you to determine what level of security a provider is offering. Of course, every company and every industry has different security and compliance needs, so it’s important that you decide ahead of time on your non-negotiable requirements. To learn more about keeping your business secure, contact us today.