The Cloud: What is it?


The Cloud is talked about flippantly in conversation. It’s an incredibly common term to throw around, and something commonly used in your everyday life, but so few people actually understand what the Cloud is and what it means. Everyone loves the Cloud, the functionality and connection it gives to all of our devices. It’s awesome! But again, what is it?

The Cloud

What is this cloud, where is it, and what does it do? As ambiguous as the term “cloud” can be, it turns out to be pretty straightforward. The Cloud refers to a group of computers that reside “somewhere else.” They could be in another building nearby or across the globe, but their main function is to store data, run applications, provide computing power, etc. So in the end, the Cloud is a pretty simple, physical thing as opposed to the often thought of invisible network above our heads that hold information and stores our applications. Not quite.

With that knowledge of the Cloud, it perhaps makes more sense why a company might need managed cloud services to help optimize space and keep their information safe. Once you understand something a bit better, it’s easier to take care of it well.

The Internet

Another form of cloud that you use daily is the Internet. You aren’t storing all of that information or capabilities on your phone; it’s all being kept in networks all over the world. Pretty fascinating to think about information flying across the globe from network to device.

If your company is in need of cloud management services, or you’d simply like to understand the cloud a bit better, please feel free to contact us!