Disaster Just Hit, Were You Ready?


Disasters come in many shapes and sizes. For a business, a disaster could be a fire, flood, hurricane or other extreme weather, or being hacked by malware. Malware can either destroy and alter information, steal information or freeze your system. All of these situations are stressful to think about, but you have to consider them as a business owner. When you hear about a disaster striking your business, will your heart sink, or will you know that your business will recover?

Too many businesses that undergo a catastrophic loss of information have to close their doors, and you have to be intentional to avoid being one of those businesses. Do you have a plan in place to protect the important information your business is built upon, or will you be blindsided? A disaster recovery plan can help you sleep at night, and could save your business in the case of a catastrophe.

Disaster Recovery Plan Advantages

Having a disaster recovery plan means a few things:

  • you’re actively working to prevent disaster – there are safety precautions you can take to protect your physical files, and also, having an IT management company helping your network stay secure can prevent you from being hacked.

  • you’re ready if and when disaster hits – you hope to never get the call that your building burned down or that your entire network was destroyed, but in the event of such a disaster, you can be prepared and survive. By backing up your information and planning for disaster, you won’t be blindsided and can begin immediately picking up the pieces.

If your business would be left with nothing if a catastrophe hit it, it’s time to act. Talk with us about a disaster recovery plan, it’s worth it!