How to Manage the Switch to MPS


People are creatures of habit, and this comes out in the workplace. People like to get into a routine, and oftentimes, whether their routine is the most efficient or not, it isn’t fun to have it interrupted. The roll-out of a new managed print services plan comes with a few changes around the office, and it’s good to have a game plan for managing and explaining that change. If you can get your employees on board, the change will be incredibly smooth and seamless. You’ll need to facilitate the changing of your company’s mindset toward printing, realizing the benefits of what’s to come.

Explaining the Why

It’s important when implementing change to explain it, and well. No one likes the “just because” answer to questions, so make sure management first understands the why behind your move, and then knows to share openly with employees.

Promote the Change

Managed print services do incredible things, but they can only go so far without the help of you and your employees. Promoting a different way of thinking when it comes to printing will be crucial to your successful rollout of this new strategy. If we can help you with that, just let us know, and we can provide information.

Accept Feedback

If an employee is genuinely frustrated by the new system and has feedback, take that respectfully and give it true consideration. Not only does this help you see any potential blind spots, but it helps this change be something your employees are involved in on an individual level.

If you’re getting ready to roll out a new managed print services plan in your company and need more advice on how to go about it, feel free to contact us for help!