Considerations Before Moving to The Cloud


The Cloud. It is a major buzzword in the Internet technology world, and many businesses are taking advantage of this technology. First off, let us help you understand the simplicity of what seems so very ambiguous.

The Cloud, even when Googled, a description such as “a visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere, typically high above the ground.” However, it simply comes down to this: the Cloud is a group of computers used to house information in a different, often unseen location. Some people are blown away when they realize just how simple and tangible the Cloud is, it is portrayed as something almost magical. Now, if you’re considering moving the bulk of your business information onto the Cloud, you will want to make some considerations first. Here are a few main things you’ll want to consider before making that switch over to the Cloud.

  • Your Needed Bandwidth – this is an easy first step to need. Bandwidth is the capacity of your Internet frequency to handle different tasks. If you know that you’ll be using large applications on multiple computers every day, you might need higher bandwidth to add in the Cloud.

  • Functionality – Will the specific applications that your businesses run off of work in the Cloud? You wouldn’t want to start getting set up only to realize that your project management systems crash when paired with your choice of Cloud.

  • Integration – it’s also important to make sure that all of your applications can either work in the Cloud or bridge the gap to communicate in and out of it.

Now the question is, is the Cloud right for your business? It may be helpful to talk with a professional to find out. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!