Managed Print & The Healthcare System


Working in the healthcare system provides employees of all kinds with high-risk, high-pressure decisions to make with very short amounts of time. No one day is the same, everyone is on their feet, going, going, going, and when it comes to printing something, the last thing your employees are thinking about it how much their printing or whether or not this print is needed. Unmonitored, print costs get out of hand and create a huge question mark in your budget. One major way that healthcare facilities have found to combat high print costs is through managed print services.

Here to Help You Help Others

In a healthcare facility, your job is to help people. If your worries can be put to a minimum, you can do that even better. Managed print services monitors and analyzes printing habits and costs to help you improve and connect your network of printers. By getting processes set up through managed print services, your doctors, nurses and other staff can do their jobs. Most healthcare providers have multiple facilities, some entire campuses spanning several blocks of a city. Without monitoring, print costs can not be planned for, you can not know how efficient your machines are, and you can not reduce your spending.

Free to Work

When something goes wrong with a printer in a healthcare facility, (and as we have established, most facilities have hundreds of printers) who takes care of the issue? It is either going to be a frustrated employee who needs to attend to a patient, or they called for backup and it is the IT department. But even IT has more important things to do than troubleshoot a malfunctioning printer. Luckily, with managed print services, these problems are taken care of along with the replacement or procuring of toner, ink, and paper for printers.

Would your healthcare facility save by utilizing managed print services? The answer is likely to be yes! Contact us today to learn more.