Don’t Let Paper Cuts Ruin Your Office Budget


Bear with us; we’re going to get “punny” here.

You know when you get a paper cut? It’s the tiniest thing—sometimes you can’t even see it. You often get a paper cut in the blink of an eye, and all of the sudden, your skin is on fire. Even just imagining a paper cut makes you uncomfortable, right? It’s tiny, and it seems insignificant, but it can make a significant impact on your day.

Now imagine your hands were full of little paper cuts. That’s how your printing budget can be when excess printing occurs. A page here, a document there—it never seems like much at the moment. But put together, these instances of excess printing will add up to cut into your budget in a way that makes printing a burden.

Changing Your Printing Habits

How can you change these excess printing habits that employees have developed over time? How can you track and see how much excess printing your business does? How can you lower your printing costs?

The best way to start is with print tracking. Did you know that you can see exactly what your employees print in a simple report with the right software? Most companies don’t track printing, and this oversight is where most of the money is lost. Here are the tips that will cut the excess printing out of your business:

  1. Set up simple printing policies: Your employees should know what you want them to print and what’s not appropriate for the workplace. They should also know about wasteful printing that they may not think about, such as printing from websites or in full color when unnecessary.
  2. Print double-sided: Set all of your print drivers to automatically print double-sided to reduce paper usage significantly right off the bat.
  3. Use draft mode: Most internal documents don’t need to be of any high quality to get the job done. Set your print drivers to automatically use “draft mode,” a feature that uses less ink but is perfectly readable.

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