How to Fix Common Multifunction Printer Problems


Multifunction printers do a little bit of everything, from printing and copying to scanning and faxing. But what happens when they start causing trouble? Here are a few common multifunction printer problems and how to fix them!

Printer TLC

The good news about multifunction printers is that they don’t need a lot of babysitting. They’re intuitive and user-friendly, which means they can almost take care of themselves–but once in a while, even the best printer will need a little TLC.

Here are a few problems you might be facing with your multifunction printer (and how to fix them without breaking a sweat)!

#1: Paper jams

Paper jams seem like a simple thing, but they can be pretty darn frustrating. The best way to fix them is to check for a few possible issues. First, make sure paper is always loaded correctly into the drawer or tray. Also, be on the lookout for damage or debris like paper clips. If the issue isn’t here, you might be using low-quality or damaged paper–so try switching to a different brand or weight if problems persist.

#2: Connectivity issues

Multifunction printers play well with all the devices on your network, but sometimes they have connectivity issues. This can be the result of updates or accidental disconnects, so make sure to check IP addresses and network settings whenever you make a change.

#3: Low print quality

If you notice smudges, dark spots, or other imperfections on your prints and copies, you’ve probably got some cleaning. Low print quality is almost always the result of dirty glass inside the machine–and, if not, you might be using the wrong type of paper for your specific make and model.

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