Managed IT Services: What Is Co-Managed IT?

Managed IT services promises to fit businesses of all shapes and sizes–which means it can take a few different forms. Here’s just one example–co-managed IT–and what that could look like for your company.

Sharing Responsibilities With Managed IT Services

You’ve probably heard that managed IT services allows you to outsource your IT stress without completely giving up control. But what happens if you want to maintain a lot of control?

Co-managed IT is an arrangement where you and your provider share the responsibilities of handling your IT environment. The key is to split those responsibilities clearly and effectively–just like in any other partnership.

Here are a few things to know about co-managed IT:

You’ll Get Similar Benefits

Managed IT services in any form comes with a lot of benefits. If you choose a co-managed route, you’ll see most of these benefits–but the exact results depend on you and your partnership. For example, if you try to maintain control over too many things or if you don’t split responsibilities clearly enough, you might see reduced benefits until you reorganize. On the other hand, if you find the perfect balance, you could see increased benefits because you’re letting your own expertise complement the provider’s.

Communication Is Key

Communication is important in any managed IT services arrangement, but especially in co-management. To begin, make sure your provider understands exactly what your goals are. Then, discuss which responsibilities you want to keep and which will be handed over to the provider. From there, you should stay in constant contact about questions, processes, changes, and more.

Responsibilities Can Be Shifted

Nothing is set in stone when it comes to co-managed IT. You can generally change the distribution of responsibilities if you find that one approach isn’t working. This kind of flexibility allows you to keep up with new needs, evolve your business, and experiment to find exactly what fits your IT environment.


Managed IT services isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it can be altered in different ways–such as co-management. If you choose to maintain control over certain tech responsibilities, you could see even more benefits and create a valuable relationship with your provider.

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