Scanning FAQs: Do You Need a Multi-Page Scanner?

Scanning is a great solution–but could it be even better? Here’s how to know whether a multi-page scanner should be in your future!

What Is Multi-Page Scanning?

Maybe you have a scanning solution in place already, or perhaps you’ve been trying to choose one that’s right for you. Either way, it’s likely that you have a pretty clear image of what to expect: Put a paper on the glass or in the tray, wait for the scanning process to be completed, and repeat.

But what happens if you have a huge stack of papers to scan–and, worse, there’s a huge line of people behind you with the exact same need?

That’s where multi-page scanning comes in.

A multi-page scanner, also known as a production scanner, does exactly what it promises. Instead of handling one side of a document at a time, it scans both sides and races to the next at high speeds. That means you can put your stack of double-sided papers on the tray and sit back for a minute or two–no switching required. Many companies find this efficiency especially helpful now that paper and digitization needs are changing due to increased customer demands, remote and hybrid work, and more.

Do You Need Multi-Page Scanning?

So, do you need a multi-page scanning solution? Ask yourself these questions to find out:

  • Do we scan more than a few documents per day?
  • Do we anticipate scanning increases in the upcoming months or years?
  • Is there always a line at the scanner?
  • Do other print jobs have to be put on hold every time a big scanning job comes up?
  • Do we spend too much time scanning documents manually and/or individually?
  • Do we want to transition more smoothly to the digital world?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, it’s probably time to consider multi-page scanning. After all, paper isn’t going anywhere soon–which means you need a solution capable of keeping up.

In conclusion, multi-page scanning is fast, efficient, and perfect for businesses with growing scanning or digitization needs.

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