Managed Print and Your Law Firm—A Winning Combination


Documents may drive the legal industry, but there’s no reason to let them drive up costs as well. Legal firms absorb print spends as high as 13% of annual revenues—a figure that’s 7% more than the average for other industries.

The Managed Print Services Strategy

With so much at stake, the legal industry knows how important it is to keep costs down without sacrificing quality. Here’s how managed print services can help your firm reach both goals.

1. Reduce costs.

Managed print services combine controls like print tracking, automatic duplexing, chargeback solutions, supply replenishment, and fleet management to reduce costs at rates as high as 30% or more.

2. Improve document security.

Did you know that many multifunction systems include state-of-the-art security features? With the right solutions in place, your printers and copiers will help deliver improved security to your sensitive documents instead of causing new vulnerabilities.

3. Reduce equipment downtimes.

Even with ongoing efforts to switch to digital document solutions, printed documents still play a vital role in the legal industry. When your devices fail to perform, the results can be catastrophic for your clients and your reputation. Don’t get stuck without a workable solution for keeping your imaging equipment in top condition. By outsourcing fleet management to managed print experts, your devices will receive regularly scheduled maintenance and updates, and you’ll have the assurance of a fast response whenever an issue does arise.

4. Meet environmental sustainability goals.

Waste is out of style, and today’s clients appreciate it when they can partner with other environmentally conscious organizations. Managed print strategies not only reduce paper and toner usage, but can deliver a significant reduction in power usage as well.

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