What Could You Accomplish With a Multifunction Printer?


If you’ve been wondering what your staff could accomplish with a multifunction printer, perhaps the better question is What couldn’t we accomplish with a multifunction printer? While a professional-grade MFP doesn’t wash windows, it can accomplish just about anything else you need in a typical workday.

What would you like to accomplish?

Listing your goals is a good way to find out if a multifunction printer is the right solution. In most cases, the answer is yes, but let’s take a look.

1. Higher print volumes— If your single-function printer or aging MFP isn’t keeping up, an upgrade can change everything. With some devices capable of over 100,000 pages a month, there’s a multifunction printer to meet your requirements.

2. More room to work— Technology clutter is a growing problem. Take a look around the office right now and make a note of what you’re currently using. Are there a couple of desktop printers, a copier, a scanner, and a fax machine in the room? A multifunction printer combines the functions of each of these technologies into one space-saving device. Maybe you won’t need to move to that larger office after all.

3. Paperless workflows— Paper-based processes are outdated, slow, and extremely difficult to secure. A multifunction printer with scanning capabilities allows you to replace paper with secure digital documents. Users can route scanned documents directly to workflows, email, and storage repositories in one simplified process.

4. Mobile print solutions— BYOD and visiting clients need a secure printing solution. Your multifunction printer has it covered.

5. A greener office— Are you using too much paper, toner, and energy? The latest multifunction printer technologies are engineered to help you meet your sustainability goals.

We’ve barely begun listing the things your team can accomplish with a new multifunction printer. Contact us at MMIT Business Solutions Group to learn more today!