Managed Print Services Remedies for 3 Critical Issues


If you could save 30% on your third-highest operating cost, would you do it? Printing costs come in just behind office space and labor, but many companies have no idea where they stand.

Here’s how your company can recoup some serious operating capital with Managed Print Services.

1. Unnecessary printing.

Unchecked printing can punch a massive hole in your revenues. Rules-based printing addresses the issue by bringing print accountability directly where it’s most evident—at the device.

  • Reduce paper usage in half by setting your devices to automatic duplexing or two-sided printing.
  • Track printing habits and find out who’s printing, what they’re printing, and how often they’re doing it.
  • Impose departmental and individual limits to keep printing in check.

2. High-cost devices.

Is your fleet top-heavy with inkjet desktop printers and other consumer-grade devices? Managed Print Services experts assess your print environment, weeding out inefficient devices that devour high-cost ink and toner cartridges, consume too much energy, and fail just when you need them most. Professional-grade printers and multifunction systems may have a higher sticker price, but the cost-per-page is almost always much lower than big-box, off-the-shelf equipment. And leasing makes acquisition affordable, even the most conservative budget.

3. Maintenance issues.

Your IT staff knows all too well how print-related helpdesk calls can interfere with mission-critical tasks. The rest of your employees may be frustrated with equipment downtimes and ongoing issues that keep them from doing their jobs. Managed Print Services gives your company access to industry-trained and certified technicians to monitor your equipment. A system of alerts triggers a service call (either remote on on-site) when a device isn’t working to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Managed Print Services delivers an entire list of benefits, and we’ve barely scratched the surface! Contact us at MMIT to learn more!