Managed Print Services: Should You Have On-Site Printers?

As the modern world changes and digital technology advances, many businesses turn to online solutions for their communication needs. That’s great news for budgets, workflows, and more–but does it mean you should get rid of your printers? Let’s find out!

A Little Help From Managed Print Services

Here’s the truth about printing: It can be wasteful, expensive, and incredibly frustrating–but that’s no reason to give up on your hardworking machines.

After all, other technology you use every day can be just as frustrating if you don’t have a framework to help utilize it properly. Printing deserves that same chance to become an efficient, streamlined part of your workflow–and that’s where managed print services comes in.

Here are just a few ways managed print services helps on-site printers work for you:

  • Fleet optimization

One reason you may not see the results you want is that your printer fleet isn’t optimized for your unique needs. With managed print, you’ll have the visibility and support you need to consolidate where necessary and upgrade when efficient.

  • Security boosts

If you’re constantly worried about your printers, you may not want to have them on-site at all. That’s why managed print services helps you review your print environment, identify security vulnerabilities at their source, and implement solutions that build up your defenses.

  • Supply management

Supply costs can quickly add up; meanwhile, over- or under-ordering can lead to interrupted projects or difficult storage situations. Luckily, managed print services can handle that, too. By learning more about how you use supplies (and which bad habits might be leading to excess waste), your provider can help you optimize and even automate your supply orders.

  • Workflow improvements

Having an ideal fleet is just the first step in putting on-site printers to work. The next step is to build a workflow around those machines so you know when and how to use them to your advantage. For example, managed print gives you the information you need to decide when printing is the effective choice and when it might be better to use a digital communication solution.


If you’re second-guessing your on-site printer fleet, it’s time to ask for a little help. Managed print services offers all the insight, support, and guidance necessary to put your on-site printers to work in ways that save time and money.

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