Scanning Solutions: Why Use Scan-to-Email Features?

Today’s scanning solutions are fast, smart, and full of possibilities. You don’t just capture a static image anymore; now, you can capture documents in different formats, store them in multiple places, and even send them to other software systems. Many scanning solutions even include scan-to-email features, which certainly deserve a closer look.

Explore the Possibilities with Scanning Solutions

If you thought scanning was just a way to put a digital image of a document on your computer, think again! Today’s scanners can do a whole lot more–like, for example, scanning directly to email.

This feature is exactly what it sounds like: Your document scanner captures data from your physical file, digitizes it, and sends it to your email system. That means you can send emails right from the machine, attaching your digital document with ease.

But when might you utilize this powerful feature? Here are just a few examples:

  • When your team is working remotely

In a hybrid or remote workplace, you can’t just peek around the corner to hand a document to your coworker. Instead, you’d need to scan that document directly to your email software and send it off so the recipient can open and edit it wherever they might be.

  • When you have more than one recipient

Even if you are working in the same building as your team, you probably don’t want to make a bunch of copies of a file and walk around handing them out. Scanning directly to email allows you to quickly and effectively send a document to everyone on your list.

  • When the request is urgent

Need to get something done right away? If that’s the case, you don’t want to waste time on extra steps. Scanning a file, attaching it to an email, and sending it to the proper person can be done in just a minute–which makes more sense than storing the file in a digital repository, emailing the recipient to tell them it’s ready, waiting for them to access it, and then beginning the task.


Scanning solutions have come a long way, and scan-to-email features are just one example of what you can expect. No matter how or why you use your Canon scanner, you can always count on fast, effective, time-saving answers to your biggest workflow problems.

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