Scanning Tips: Is a Scanner Upgrade Worth It?


“Upgrade” can be a scary word, especially when it comes to tried-and-true office equipment. However, the truth is that most things are easier with a faster, smarter, more reliable machine–and scanning is no exception. Read on to decide for yourself whether a Canon scanner upgrade is really worth it!

Why Upgrade?

Most companies flinch just thinking about upgrades. They can be expensive, frustrating, and stressful–but the good news is that they don’t have to be, especially when you do your research and choose a machine that is going to help rather than hurt your business.

When it comes to scanning, this is especially true. Here are a few good reasons to add shiny new scanners to your fleet!

#1: Cost

New scanners come with a price tag, but believe it or not, you usually end up paying less for a new machine than you would for maintenance and repairs on your old one. (Plus, when you take advantage of trade-in offers, you can make a deal your budget will thank you for!)

#2: Compatibility

Technology is a fast-moving game, and if your hardware can’t keep up, your software is likely to leave it in the dust. Upgraded scanners are compatible with all the latest apps, tools, and solutions, which makes your work life a whole lot easier.

#3: Security

Your existing scanner might not be showing its age, but it’s still vulnerable–especially to certain types of digital attacks. Newer machines, on the other hand, come with built-in features to protect your data and your company from the digital bad guys.

#4: Reliability

If you feel like you’re minutes away from scanner failure at any given time, an upgrade is probably your best bet. After all, a scanner you can’t count on is no scanner at all!

#5: Features, features, features

New machines come with all the bells and whistles–and scanners are no exception. Want optical character recognition, email compatibility, automation, and more? An upgrade is just what you’re looking for.

So, is a scanner upgrade worth it? Contact us today for help with this and all your scanning needs!