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  1. Document Scanning and Management for Government Organizations

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    Government agencies require some of the most effective organizational structures possible. They deal with sensitive documents like permits, certificates, licenses, and tax information. Document scanning and management is the most effective process for storing files properly. It is a productive method that allows employees to spend less time managing paperwork and more time focusing on constructive tasks.

    Here are some of the benefits document scanning and management have for government agencies:

    Improved Organization

    Government agencies traditionally have stored documents in a file room equipped with an elaborate filing system. Though there are organizational structures to those systems, they are far less efficient than modern systems. With document scanning and management, documents can be filed online to a cloud-based storage system. Documents are safe, secure, and easily accessed with the cloud.

    Compliant with Regulations

    Not only are government agencies continually searching for effective processes, but they are also looking for a process that fits within their legal regulations. While the quest to find an organized and accessible document system is a priority, a system also has to dispose of documents properly. Scanning documents and storing them on a local hard drive or a cloud service is an excellent method to keep documents organized so proper processes can occur.

    Processes are Simplified

    Scanning and managing documents allow you to easily files to be stored in an organized, central location. Retrieving documents has never been more straightforward, as modern storage systems will enable you to create folders for different document or department types. These systems allow employees to access any document they need throughout the day quickly.

    Document scanning and management can streamline your processes in a quick, secure, and efficient way. To learn more about how document scanning and management can benefit your government agency, contact MMIT Business Solutions Group today!

  2. Boost Productivity With a Multifunction Printer

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    If the budget won’t permit a new team member for your government office this year, maybe there’s some room for an office equipment upgrade. If so, you may be able to find that new team member in a multifunction printer.

    Meet Your Newest Team Member

    We’re joking, of course, but bringing a multifunction printer online really is all about increased productivity. You may recover so much lost time that you’ll wonder how you ever made do without one. Here are a few of the advantages government offices just like yours gained when they acquired a new multifunction printer.

    Four Devices in One

    Most organizations acquire multifunction printers because of their all-in-one functionality. By combining a printer, copier, scanner, and fax in one streamlined device, your team members can save an incredible amount of time.

    This all-in-one benefit also delivers other perks:

    • By combining a printer, copier, scanner, and fax, you’ll eliminate the need to purchase supplies for four separate devices.
    • With just one device to manage, you’ll reduce the administrative hassles of software and security updates required for a fleet of single-function units.
    • Maintenance and repair costs for one device are substantially less.

    Go Green

    There’s tremendous pressure for organizations of every kind to go green and reduce waste, and government offices are no exception. A multifunction printer offers digital workflow solutions and other features that make it easy to reduce waste.

    • Scan and route your documents directly to individuals, folders, or cloud repositories without printing.
    • Deploy built-in features that reduce paper waste, including automatic duplexing, page previews, and eliminating unnecessary pages.
    • Restrict color printing and limit print volumes by department.
    • Energy-saving capabilities like fast start-ups and sleep modes reduce power usage.

    To find out how to do more with less in your government office, get in touch with us at MMIT Business Solutions today.

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  3. Multifunction Printer Solutions for Government Offices

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    As a government agency, you and your staff are required to deal with an ever-growing demand for services, and staff numbers and budgets rarely grow fast enough to accommodate growth. Read on to discover how a multifunction printer can help your team accomplish more with less.

    1. Improve Access

    Whether your government office is administrative, legislative, law enforcement, or public assistance, fast and accurate access to your documents is critical. A multifunction printer can be a key player in the process, with features that allow government offices to capture, access, route, and manage any document the moment it enters the system.

    2. Remove Bottlenecks

    Bottlenecks cause costly delays and frustration, both to your government office staff and the public. Paper-centric procedures are often the cause of bottlenecks, so it makes sense to take full advantage of the digital workflow capabilities on your multifunction printers.

    Single-function devices can also create productivity barriers. By combining the functions of a printer, copier, scanner, and fax in one space-saving multifunction printer, your staff can accomplish more in far less time.

    3. Automate Internal Processes

    By leveraging the built-in automation capabilities on a multifunction printer, your staff can streamline and automate internal processes. Eliminate the need for manual data entry to reduce errors, save time, and significantly improve your ability to serve the public.

    4. Improve Public Service

    Assisting the public is central to any government agency’s mission. A multifunction printer can help simplify the management of processes that require verification documents.

    5. Enhance Security

    Government agencies handle vast numbers of documents containing confidential information. The latest advances in multifunction printer technologies focus on security protocols that keep sensitive information safe from unauthorized access.

    To learn more about multifunction printers and other products and document management solutions that can help your government agency improve productivity, contact us at MMIT today.

  4. Print Security for the Government Agency

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    There are many areas where government offices and departments can lag behind the public sector, often because adopting new technologies and practices can be difficult for large organizations such as city, state, and federal government agencies. Printing and print-related technology is often one such area, and a recent interview with GovLoop illustrates this point.

    Ron Chestang, Worldwide Senior Print Security Consultant at HP, told GovLoop that print security should matter to government agencies. He noted that the statistics point to too much apathy in government offices when it comes to print security, and this leads to risky practices. “If you don’t even recognize the risk in the first place,” he notes, “then you can’t mitigate or respond to it.” His solution? More control and better technology for your print environment. Here’s how to achieve the security your office needs.

    Print Environment Security for Government Agencies

    It all starts with knowing where you are. Once you’ve assessed your current print environment and have a detailed inventory of every fax machine, multifunction printer, and copier, you have a place to start. Get your IT team involved and let them lead the project to ensure that your agency’s confidential information is protected.

    Start here:

    • Assess: Too many offices don’t have a centralized locus of control over their print environment, resulting in a hodge-podge of machines purchased over time—sometimes without any consultation from or knowledge of the IT department. What does your current print environment look like?
    • Plan: What strategy do you need going forward? Where are the security risks? What are you going to do to fix them?
    • Implement: With the help of your IT team, it’s time to get your print environment up to par.
    • Consider outsourcing: Managed print services can make your print environment secure, optimized, and ready to function properly. Consider outsourcing for the best cost savings and productivity boost.

    For more information about secure multifunction printers and managed print services, contact us.