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  1. 4 Reasons You Need Managed Print Services

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    Do you need managed print services? Is it even right for your industry, business, and employees? These are big questions–but luckily, the reasons you do need managed print are even bigger. Let’s take a look!

    Do you need managed print services? Is it even right for your industry, business, and employees? These are big questions–but luckily, the reasons you do need managed print are even bigger. Let’s take a look!

    Managing Doubt with Managed Print

    Every new business solution comes with a certain level of doubt. Is it worth it? Did we really need this solution? Was now the right time?

    Luckily, managed print services comes with big reasons to dissolve that doubt–four big reasons, as a matter of fact!

    #1: It makes printers behave.

    Let’s face it: printers can be a pain. With managed print, you won’t have to worry about getting those finicky machines to behave. Instead, you’ll have a print partner who knows these machines inside and out–and, through a combination of proactive solutions and troubleshooting, that partner will be able to keep your printers in line.

    #2: It saves money on almost everything.

    Print costs got you down? Not anymore! Managed print services helps you understand where your money is going and why–and, armed with this information, you and your provider can cut costs, choose cheaper alternatives, and make printing budget-friendly again.

    #3: It gives you access to all the bells and whistles.

    If it’s printer upgrades you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your managed print provider leases new machines or helps you budget for your own, you can rest assured that those bells and whistles will be within reach.

    #4: It keeps your data safe and sound.

    Did you know that multifunction printers are a huge target for hackers? Managed print services helps keep your printers–and their data–safe and sound with a host of security solutions, upgraded software, and savvy procedures.


    Managed print services is a good choice for any business–and there are plenty of reasons why. When choosing whether to implement managed print, remember what it can do: keep printers in line, save money, upgrade your fleet, and, of course, protect your company.

    If you’ve got managed print questions, we’ve got answers. Contact us today for all the help you need!

  2. Managed Print Tips: How Much Does Printing Really Cost?

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    Like many business solutions, managed print services is good at all kinds of things, from cutting unnecessary steps out of your workflow to improving communication across your company–but did you know it also reveals secrets? Managed print is excellent at helping you find the * actual* cost of printing–and the truth may surprise you.

    Like many business solutions, managed print services is good at all kinds of things, from cutting unnecessary steps out of your workflow to improving communication across your company–but did you know it also reveals secrets? Managed print is excellent at helping you find the * actual* cost of printing–and the truth may surprise you.

    Gain Transparency with Managed Print

    Managed print services isn’t just about printers. It’s about your entire print environment–your habits, needs, challenges, and even your supply ordering procedures. By looking at all of these things rather than just one or two, managed print provides the transparency you need to learn the real cost of printing in your business.

    Here are a few things that you might not even realize are draining your budget:

    • Number of printers

    You may not spend much time thinking about how many printers are actually in your fleet, but once managed print brings it to your attention, you won’t be able to look away. The bigger the fleet, the higher the cost of supplies, energy, maintenance, and more.

    • Bad supply habits

    It probably doesn’t seem like the end of the world to over-order paper or buy the wrong toner–but the truth is that bad habits can wreak havoc on your budget for consumables.

    • Unnecessary printing

    From personal prints to documents that could just as easily have been shared online, unnecessary printing is a considerable cost–and it can seriously hurt your print environment.

    Controlling Costs

    The good news is that managed print doesn’t just identify the cost of printing and then leave you to deal with it on your own. Instead, it helps you choose solutions that will address all of these issues–helping streamline your fleet, improve your supply habits, and curb unnecessary printing by establishing “print rules.”

    In conclusion, managed print services is an excellent tool for protecting your budget because it reveals and controls the actual cost of printing. If you want to save money without cutting corners, you couldn’t do much better.

    Ready to see what managed print services can do for you? Contact us today!

  3. Managed Print Solutions for Auto Dealerships

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    Auto dealerships have a wide range of documents that must be printed regularly. This makes it important to ensure that all of the printers in the office are working well and ready to be used.

    Printer Maintenance

    Part of managed print services in Des Moines is the regular maintenance of the printers. This keeps an eye on whether a printer needs any work, whether it has gotten slow or is experiencing problems like paper jams. If any repairs need to be done, managed print services can let you know about them before they get bigger and far more expensive to complete. Maintenance allows for your printers to last longer and to be ready to go when they are needed by salespeople and management alike.

    Saving Time for Employees

    Auto dealerships are fast-paced workplaces, and there is little way to predict how busy a day will be. When your printers may or may not work, this can take time away from an employee’s day for checking on the printers, trying to fix them, getting the paper to put in them, etc. To keep pace with the sales force, managed print services are there to keep the printers up and running and stocked with everything they need. Your salespeople need to be free to go out and make sales. The time that they spend on printer maintenance only takes away from making those sales.

    Secure Data

    Part of today’s managed print services is ensuring that the privacy features are working well on every printer. Those features are especially important with today’s danger of data breaches. The privacy of your customers is of the utmost importance, and a data breach can ruin the reputation of a dealership. This makes managed print services an important part of your overall security. So much data from customers is needed that remaining compliant with their privacy is a major task that must be done every time their data is printed.

    If you’re ready for managed print services to keep your dealership’s printers prepared to be used, and your data private, contact us to find out more.

  4. What You Need to Know About Buying vs Leasing a Printer

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    Every office needs at least one good printer, but it’s up to the business rather it needs to purchase a printer or to rent one. For some companies, leasing makes more sense. For others, purchasing a printer outright is a much better situation.

    Cutting Edge Office Technology

    For offices that want to be on the cutting edge of technology and utilize all of the latest printer features and compatibilities, renting a printer might be a better plan than buying one. When the equipment is rented, it can be upgraded as newer models are released on the market. Renting allows the company not to be locked into the current models until they’re ready to replace it with a new purchase.

    Financial Considerations

    Does your company want to own all of its equipment, or does it make more financial sense to make smaller monthly payments to rent its equipment? Some want to invest in their own office machines while others would find it difficult to come up with the purchase price for a new printer all at once. If it would wreck your company’s budget to buy, renting might be a better idea. However, if the goal is to pay less over the life of the machine, it may be better to buy one that can be used for many years to come.


    When you purchase a printer, it’s paid for and you can then decide whether your multifunction printer should have managed print services. But with a lease, there will be a contract period for the rental. If you find that you don’t need the printer as much as you thought, or it’s simply the wrong one for your needs, you still have to pay the monthly rental fee throughout the life of the lease. That can add monthly costs to the budget that aren’t necessary. If the company simply owned that printer, it could be sold or traded in on a different model.

    If you’re thinking about leasing or purchasing a new office printer, contact us to find out about the latest models available.

  5. How to Manage Your Print Costs Effectively

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    When operating a business, managing outgoing costs is just as important as increasing profits. Small improvements to your regular processes will help you decrease the amount you spend and optimize your resources. Controlling print expenditures and managing your print resources properly is one area where analysis and improvement will help your entire business run smoothly. Without having to worry about ordering printer supplies and keeping the machine running, your employees can concentrate on more pressing tasks.

    Be Clear About Your Printing Policy

    It may seem like common sense, but setting a printing policy for your employees that encourages them to only use the printer for business purposes and retrieve documents as soon as they are printed will help to cut down on waste and eliminate potential exposure of confidential information to unauthorized personnel. Setting guidelines for your employees will help cut down on wasteful printing and unnecessary copies.

    Consider All the Costs in Your Analysis

    A full accounting of printing costs should include everything related to these expenses. In addition to per-page printing costs, include:

    • Employee time spent ordering and stocking supplies and managing issues that arise with the printer
    • Repairs or service call costs
    • Toner, paper, ink, and other supplies
    • Shredding or other paper disposal costs

    Optimize Document Workflows for Better Efficiency

    Once you’ve taken stock of all the time and money spent on printing-related costs, you can look for places to make your processes better. Scanning documents into the system instead of sending them via mail can save days of waiting, the cost of paper, ink, and postage, and the time it takes employees to send documents out. These might seem like small changes, but incremental savings can add up when applied to each process.

    If you’re spending too much on printing and related costs, MMIT Business Solutions Group can help you set up a managed print solution that works for your organization. Contact us today to find out more.

  6. Managed Print Benefits for All Businesses

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    Managed print services typically supervise all of your print provisions, including device hardware, maintenance, service, and supplies. Print management is a great way to consolidate print costs and streamline your print environment, making it easier to run and supervise. MPS is no longer expensive and unwieldy to roll out; it is an essential solution with many benefits for any business.

    Sustainable Solution

    By tracking your print activity, managed print lets you know how much you are printing, if there are areas of waste and highlights the potential for cutting back. This is a great way to reduce paper waste as well as conserve toner and electricity usage — saving money and reducing emissions.

    Financial Benefits

    When it comes to managed print, most businesses agree that the financial savings are top-notch. The all-inclusive nature of print management means that your costs are bundled, saving you on supplies, service, maintenance, and more. Plus, you reduce expenses by eliminating the need for emergency repairs and troubleshooting. Consolidating print expenses eliminates stressful cost estimating and eases budget concerns.

    Oversight and Control

    Beyond financial savings, MPS helps businesses eliminate time and aggravation with simple oversight, automated notifications, increased control, and more. Never worry about running out of toner or ink again — with print monitoring, we will notify it is running low and send you more before it is even an issue for your business.

    IT Assistance

    Even if you have a great IT support team on staff, they probably have many other issues to deal with other than overseeing the functionality of your copiers and printers. Using a managed print provider frees up your IT resources, allowing your tech experts to focus on other technology pursuits. Contact us for more information on managed services.

  7. Streamlining Costs with Managed Print

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    Tracking print costs is no easy task. And what if your business bills client projects based on expenses, it can be even more challenging to keep tabs on what you print and how much it costs. Managed print services can help you streamline your print expenses and keep tabs on all print-related costs.

    Assessing Your Expenses

    Managed print enables you to track the resources and time used for individual clients so that you can appropriately charge clients for billable resources, such as print. These types of tools and strategies are particularly for businesses that must recoup client costs, such as law firms.

    For example, to estimate fees for the number of copies, prints, scans, and research for each client, they must track these costs. These types of expenses fall outside of the typical hourly rates charged.

    Maximizing Available Tools

    Managed Print Services is a customizable solution that can help you get an accurate read on your print expenses, enabling you to recoup costs from clients. With MPS, you can

    • track and monitor print costs and jobs
    • oversee client-specific print jobs and expenses
    • create print expense reports

    Beyond tracking print expenses, managed print will ensure you are using the best print devices to meet your needs, rein in overhead costs, streamline print projects, provide top-of-the-line support.

    Regardless of your business or industry, managed print services can help streamline your print program and bolster your bottom line.

    Read more about the many benefits of managed print.

  8. Analyze and Reduce Printing Costs with MPS

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    When it comes to your print environment, it is more than just paper and ink. And underestimating the number of variables involved often means you end up spending more than you anticipated or budgeted.

    You probably already have various business systems in place across your organization to help improve productivity and cut costs. So, why not extend that same thought process to your print initiatives? With managed print services you can assess your current print landscape, pinpoint areas of improvement, and save a significant amount of money.

    Assessing the Situation

    The reality is that most companies do not have a great handle on their print fleet and the associated costs. Do you know how many copiers, printers, and multifunction devices you currently have and how many different people are accessing them? What about supplies? Is more than one person authorized to purchase ink and paper for your fleet? When you think about, it obvious why managed print is a necessity.

    Reaping the Benefits and Savings

    One of the most significant benefits of MPS is that it can be tailored to your specific business needs and budget. Working within your parameters, we will develop a plan that includes supplies management, IT support, monitoring and reporting, and more to make it easier for you to manage your print fleet.

    Plus, we can work with the equipment that you already have — no pressure for expensive upgrades or new machines unless there is a legitimate need. Often upgrades can save money in the long run, but our managed print program focuses on providing support and supplies for your existing print fleet.

    Uncovering Hidden Costs

    Since hidden costs are one of the biggest print concerns, we use software to track your printer and copier usage. Once we have this big-picture view of use and expenditures and we can make suggestions for improving spending and productivity.

    If you a ready to get a handle on your print practices and expenses, it is time for top-of-the-line managed print services. Click here to read more about the benefits of managed print.

  9. Immediate Benefits with Managed Print Services

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    Your business might have a printer, or it might have a dozen printers. Either way, you probably have a printer. Maintaining these printers can cost you time and money, and you often don’t have a printer maintenance expert on your staff. Outsourcing your print management to a third-party provider is a great way to streamline your workflows and save your business time and money.

    Here are a few of the immediate benefits that come with Managed Print Services:

    Cut Printing Costs

    With Managed Print Services (MPS), your company could experience significant cost reduction for your annual printing spending. Managed Print can save your business up to 30% of previous printing expenses. There are many ways that Managed Print helps you cut costs, but the most significant ways are improved efficiency, initial cost reduction, standardization, and cost accountability.

    An MPS provider will evaluate your print environment and make suggestions for cutting costs and increasing efficiency. They will help you get rid of outdated or ineffective devices that are costing you additional expenses. They will also monitor device usage to ensure that supplies like ink, toner, and paper are being used appropriately.

    Improved Security with Digital Documents

    A Managed Print provider will equip you with devices to effectively scan documents to file electronically on either a cloud network or a local storage network. Not only will this free up filing space in your office and effectively organize your documents, but it also protects them by removing them from your physical office.

    Green Practices

    An MPS provider will help your business initiate more eco-friendly practices for your print environment. Through the solutions offered with MPS, your business will create less waste, recycle more, and save energy.

    To learn more about the immediate benefits that Managed Print Services has to offer your business, contact MMIT Business Solutions Group today!

  10. Establishing a Security Plan for Your MFP

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    Device and network security are two of the most overlooked features of any office, the multifunction printer (MFP) being a common unprotected device. What many business owners don’t realize is how much information is passed through and stored on your devices and networks and how prone they are to a breach attempt.

    The truth is, the data that passes through an MFP is so valuable that hackers have identified them as a frequent target in offices around the world.

    Here are some tips for creating a security plan that will ensure secure printer use:

    Integrate Security Plans

    If you have developed a network security plan and have not included your business’ printers and office devices, it’s time to make some amendments to that plan. Incorporating all of your office devices into your business’ network security plan will ensure that no holes are left for hackers to find.

    User Authentication

    Restricting access to your MFP with user authentication is one of the smartest security measures you can take to protect your device. Modern MFPs will allow you to require a password, PIN code, or user badge to gain access to the device.

    Data Encryption

    Data encryption is the process of encoding your data as it passes through a device, making it useless to anyone who might steal it. Although it is not an end-all solution, it creates an additional wall of security for hackers to get through to access data. Data should be cleared from the hard drive monthly to lower the chances of information being reached.

    Monitor Usage

    You could develop the best security plan so far, and it will still be prone to failure. It is essential to monitor your employee’s usage of devices and plans to make sure they are using office devices and processes as intended.

    Managed Print Services

    Security is the first concern for most companies, but acting on it is more difficult than often expected. It turns out that not everyone is an IT expert! That is where the help of a Managed Print Services (MPS) becomes useful. An MPS provider has in-depth knowledge and experience with effective security practices and will ensure that your business is prepared to prevent hackers.

    To learn more about Managed Print Services and MFP security, contact MMIT Business Solutions Group today!

  11. Improve Your Workflow with Managed Print

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    With many office processes, simple goals require complicated systems. Running a smooth operation is a goal of the finest companies, but knowing how to implement those processes is easier said than done. With Managed Print Services (MPS), you receive a one-stop solution to your business’ printing and document workflows.

    An MPS provider will guarantee that your print environment is equipped to handle workflows effectively. Through a print audit, an MPS provider will determine which devices and solutions will make your workflows as productive as possible.

    Here are the pieces that make up an effective print environment:

    Reduce the Necessary Steps

    One of the main goals of MPS is simplicity. Rather than stocking your office with more devices to use throughout the office, an MPS provider will help you consolidate your equipment to develop an effective plan for your office. A Multifunction Printer is an excellent example of this, which combines your printer, scanner, fax machines, and copier into one, intuitive device.

    Ensure Effective Locations

    An overlooked part of print efficiency is considering where you put your devices. An MPS provider will examine the layout of your office and develop a plan to place devices in the most effective locations in your office. This step will help cut down the time spent picking up documents and cut back on disruptions that occur.

    Monitor Performance

    An MPS provider will actively monitor the details of your print environment to ensure that programs are running as efficiently as possible. This will ensure that the system is running as planned and allows the provider to make changes if necessary. They will also install monitoring software that keeps track of supplies, like toner and ink, for automatic replenishment. These monitoring procedures will ensure that systems stay productive and active, which will reduce downtime and save your employees time and energy.

    MPS is the best solution to take control of your print environment. To learn more about Managed Print, contact MMIT Business Solutions Group today!

  12. 5 Benefits of Managed Print Services for Nonprofit Organizations

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    Operating on a tight budget is a common thread for the majority of nonprofit organizations. Many nonprofits wrestle through tough organizational practices because they are unable to hire expert staff to manage and fulfill operations. This often results in overspending and unnecessary costs on organizations that don’t have much to work with. When a nonprofit does avoid overspending, they often invest in cheaper equipment or hold onto older devices that should be upgraded, which leads to inefficiency and eventually, overspending.

    Managed Print Services

    Managed Print Services (MPS) is a print solution that helps businesses and organizations tackle their print environments in an efficient and cost-cutting way. Many MPS providers have developed strategies specifically for nonprofit organizations, to meet their unique needs.

    Here are five ways that Managed Print can benefit your business:

    1. Cut Costs

    An MPS provider will perform a thorough audit, examining your organization’s print environment. They will provide you with a report based on the details from the audit with factual insights and recommendations to save money or improve productivity. Nonprofits can cut print-related costs by up to 30% when they enlist MPS.

    2. Create a Predictable Budget

    MPS consolidates all your ordering to one location that serves your specific organization. This ensures that prices are consistent and honest, creating a more predictable budget for your group.

    3. Optimized Equipment Use

    Managed print services will offer solutions to your organization to help get the most out of your office equipment. Because of how expensive new devices are, MPS can help you use what you have to its highest potential.

    4. Increased Efficiency

    With the data collected during your print audit and through constant monitoring, MPS will offer solutions to ensure that your print environment is working as efficiently as possible.

    5. Streamline Workflows

    Most nonprofit organizations use a hefty amount of paper in their day-to-day functions. While some forms will inevitably remain in the form of paper documents, MPS helps nonprofits effectively manage paper by making it digital when possible. Digital documents are shared and stored much more efficiently, saving you time and money.

    These are just a handful of the many benefits available to you with MPS. To learn more about how Managed Print Services can benefit your nonprofit, contact MMIT Business Solutions Group today!

  13. What Managed Print Services Really Saves You

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    Businesses everywhere are boasting of the benefits they’re receiving by enlisting Managed Print Services. You might have heard of the time, money, and resources that businesses are saving with managed print services (MPS). Today we are going to share the need-to-know details of MPS so you can learn how your business could gain from an MPS provider.

    Here are four benefits MPS has for your business:

    Ongoing IT Support

    Every day in your office, your business relies on various technology to accomplish tasks that organize systems, streamline workflows, and increase employee productivity. With an MPS provider, your business is equipped to protect devices and networks with 24/7 availability and reasonable service contracts to ensure devices are properly maintained.


    Managing all the elements involved in your print environment is a tough task that can cost when it is done incorrectly. MPS keeps devices operating, and supplies replenished, which keeps your business running smoothly. Your company will be given insight as to which devices need upkeep or upgrading, which will ensure your business possesses the best office equipment to function efficiently.

    Security Features

    Your business’ systems obtain sensitive information that could put your company, employees, and customers at risk. MPS will assist your IT support team in their efforts to protect data and information that your business must defend. An MPS provider will assure that you have taken all possible security measures, like protecting your hard drives and other networks connected to your print environment.

    Cut Costs

    Managed print services increase productivity throughout your entire business, but it also saves your business money. Significant savings can be found with MPS, here are a few ways it can help businesses cut costs:

    • Predictable Print Budgets

    • Reduced Waste

    • Lower Maintenance Costs

    • Reduced Labor Costs

    To learn more about how Managed Print Services can benefit your business, contact MMIT Business Solutions Group today!

  14. The Benefits of Managed Print Services

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    Managing your print environment is a time consuming, stressful process. Managed print services (MPS) is a time-saving, cost-effective key for streamlining your print environment and reducing the stresses associated with print management. MPS has an abundance of benefits for your company and will help you understand the best ways to streamline your office equipment.

    Here are some of the benefits associated with MPS:

    Equipment Analysis

    An MPS program will analyze your complete print environment from top to bottom. This will give you insight on which equipment is useful and which equipment could use an upgrade. This analysis will point you towards efficient devices that will improve productivity.

    Reduce Printing

    Another area the MPS program will analyze is the volume of printing in your office. It will reveal which users print most and help point you towards waste solutions. Many businesses waste a lot of supplies because printing goes unmonitored. This process will lead to savings and discipline for your print environment.


    Managed print services will also analyze your business’ current security measures to ensure that documents are secure. There are layers of security measures available for companies when it comes to printing; MPS will give you peace of mind that you have taken all the necessary steps to protect documents, data, and information.

    Improved Efficiency and Maintained Equipment

    An MPS provider becomes a long-term business partner for your company. You will always be in-the-know of the most current technology and solutions. Features you wouldn’t know are available for your employees will be made known to you, and your staff will be efficient and productive.

    MPS will also ensure that your printers are operating at its optimal potential. This will cut down equipment downtime and will leave employees feeling right about the system in place for your business’ printing.

    To learn more about how managed print services can improve your business, contact MMIT Business Solutions today!

  15. How Managed Print Helps Businesses Overcome Security Threats

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    Most business security plans include robust strategies for protecting networked computers and smartphones. However, it’s taking more time than it should for decision-makers to include networked printers in their security strategies.

    Printers are everywhere, and it’s impossible to know just how many are connected to networks. Experts agree that the hundreds of millions of printers and copiers that are common in offices across the world are ripe for takeover.

    Are You Safe?

    Hackers know that gaining control of your printers is the first step toward gaining control of your networks and then your data. Here are a few sobering facts:

    Fact #1: Businesses often wait until their printers fail to address security concerns. That old printer in the corner may still crank out documents, but it may an open window for hackers to steal your company’s information. Instead of waiting for your printers to fail so you can get just a little more value from your investment, contact a managed print services provider now to schedule an upgrade. You’ll have peace of mind and access to the security solutions you need to protect your network.

    Fact #2: Even new printers may not be protected. Your printer may be a recent purchase, but if you’re managing your fleet on your own, there may be security features you’ve overlooked. Managed print providers have the tools to search out vulnerabilities and help you correct them before it’s too late.

    Fact #3: Less than 2% of the world’s networked printers have up-to-date security solutions in place. To say that we’re in trouble is an understatement. Hackers are working around the clock looking for unprotected printers to gain access to millions of documents and dollars. How safe is your business?

    You can overcome the security risks caused by an unmanaged print infrastructure. Contact MMIT Business Solutions for a Managed Print Services assessment before it’s too late.

  16. Try Managed Print to Attack Your Third-Highest Operating Expense

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    It’s common to think of printing costs as an expense that isn’t very high and doesn’t require extensive tracking. Unfortunately, most business managers and owners have no hard numbers when it comes to documenting printing costs.

    The Real Story

    The surprising truth is that, for many businesses, printing costs rank just behind rent and payroll, coming in a strong third on the red side of the balance sheet. Surprised? Most business owners are, which is why so many are searching for solutions from managed print providers. Here are the changes your company can expect.

    Improved Management

    You can get more from your copiers and printers, and you can do it for less than you’re spending now.

    Managed print services providers work with your existing equipment to improve the way you and your employees interact with the print infrastructure while also addressing equipment performance. Look for:

    • Improved equipment support for your existing fleet, including proactive maintenance and fast service when something goes wrong.
    • High-quality supplies and on-time, hassle-free shipments.
    • Access to solutions that reduce print costs and improve print-related workflows.

    Rules-Based Printing

    Uncontrolled printing may be the leading culprit behind your high printing costs. Rules-Based Printing lets you set limits and restrictions to bring costs back in line.

    • Establish rules to prevent employees from printing emails, web pages, and personal documents.
    • Route high-volume print jobs to the most cost-effective device.
    • Use default settings to enable automatic duplexing or two-sided printing to reduce paper consumption.
    • Default color printers to use black and white whenever possible.
    • Use routing rules to pinpoint errors and duplications before printing.
    • Use charge-back software to track costs for internal departments and clients.

    Managed Print Services can help your organization reduce wasteful printing habits, improve document security, and reduce equipment downtime. To find out how, contact us at MMIT today!