Immediate Benefits with Managed Print Services


Your business might have a printer, or it might have a dozen printers. Either way, you probably have a printer. Maintaining these printers can cost you time and money, and you often don’t have a printer maintenance expert on your staff. Outsourcing your print management to a third-party provider is a great way to streamline your workflows and save your business time and money.

Here are a few of the immediate benefits that come with Managed Print Services:

Cut Printing Costs

With Managed Print Services (MPS), your company could experience significant cost reduction for your annual printing spending. Managed Print can save your business up to 30% of previous printing expenses. There are many ways that Managed Print helps you cut costs, but the most significant ways are improved efficiency, initial cost reduction, standardization, and cost accountability.

An MPS provider will evaluate your print environment and make suggestions for cutting costs and increasing efficiency. They will help you get rid of outdated or ineffective devices that are costing you additional expenses. They will also monitor device usage to ensure that supplies like ink, toner, and paper are being used appropriately.

Improved Security with Digital Documents

A Managed Print provider will equip you with devices to effectively scan documents to file electronically on either a cloud network or a local storage network. Not only will this free up filing space in your office and effectively organize your documents, but it also protects them by removing them from your physical office.

Green Practices

An MPS provider will help your business initiate more eco-friendly practices for your print environment. Through the solutions offered with MPS, your business will create less waste, recycle more, and save energy.

To learn more about the immediate benefits that Managed Print Services has to offer your business, contact MMIT Business Solutions Group today!