Streamlining Costs with Managed Print


Tracking print costs is no easy task. And what if your business bills client projects based on expenses, it can be even more challenging to keep tabs on what you print and how much it costs. Managed print services can help you streamline your print expenses and keep tabs on all print-related costs.

Assessing Your Expenses

Managed print enables you to track the resources and time used for individual clients so that you can appropriately charge clients for billable resources, such as print. These types of tools and strategies are particularly for businesses that must recoup client costs, such as law firms.

For example, to estimate fees for the number of copies, prints, scans, and research for each client, they must track these costs. These types of expenses fall outside of the typical hourly rates charged.

Maximizing Available Tools

Managed Print Services is a customizable solution that can help you get an accurate read on your print expenses, enabling you to recoup costs from clients. With MPS, you can

  • track and monitor print costs and jobs
  • oversee client-specific print jobs and expenses
  • create print expense reports

Beyond tracking print expenses, managed print will ensure you are using the best print devices to meet your needs, rein in overhead costs, streamline print projects, provide top-of-the-line support.

Regardless of your business or industry, managed print services can help streamline your print program and bolster your bottom line.

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