Things You Might Not Know Your Multifunction Printer Can Do


Multifunction printers can do a little bit of everything–fax, copy, print, scan; you name it. However, did you know there are even more features and functions that you might not be taking advantage of? Let’s get a closer look!

MFP Secrets

Your multifunction printer doesn’t necessarily have “secrets;” it just has a long, intricate list of amazing functions–so many that you probably don’t know every single one. Of course, to get the most out of your machine, it’s smart to brush up on all the little details. You already know your MFP can handle high-speed, high-volume jobs, can copy at high resolutions, can connect to your other machines, and can substantially boost efficiency and security across your company. But what else can it do?

Let’s find out!

Finishing options

Did you know your multifunction printer can help you do a job and finish it too? Whether you need to fold, staple, or bind, your loyal MFP is right there to help you out. (These features make for professional, high-quality documents and reports that will impress just about anyone!)

Efficient scanning

Get the most out of your document scanning features by connecting your multifunction printer right to your computer, your mobile device, or even the cloud for convenient cloud backup. This little trick cuts out all kinds of extra steps and makes it easier to edit, share, and secure your digital documents.

Answering machine

Believe it or not, on top of everything else it can do, your multifunction printer can also answer the phones! By utilizing your machine’s fax capabilities, you can set up “answering machine” features that forward calls to the right person every time.

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