What Kind of IT Department Do You Need?


We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when we hit “install” on a new piece of software, and the company laptop screen goes blank. Or when you think you’re dealing with a simple printer jam and end up removing a piece of the machine that you don’t know how to replace. Or you think your desktop computer has a virus. Or—hundreds of other scenarios. Who are you going to call?

Your IT helpdesk, of course. Your technology gurus. Your printer people. They know what it’s essential to have these kinds of individuals on board with your company to help you manage, control, and plan your technology. But how do you start building a qualified IT staff if you’re a new business? How do you revamp a small or understaffed IT department? Here are some pointers.

Finding the IT Staffing Solution That’s Right for You

Many small businesses rely on the expertise of their employees for IT needs—whether they’re IT employees or not. This can work for a while, but eventually, most companies realize that they’re out of their depth when making decisions about networks, office equipment, and technology. If you’re at this point, it’s time to start considering the many IT options available to you. Here’s what you can do.

  • Hire an IT director and staff: The traditional route for medium-sized businesses is to delegate IT to a department.
  • Hire consultants: IT consultants are available for small businesses but are sometimes too expensive for consistent use.
  • Choose managed IT services: IT managed services can be the solution you need for many of your IT needs. With managed IT, you can outsource the tasks you’re unable to handle in-house while saving money. This is an attractive option even for companies with robust IT departments.

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