When to Upgrade Your Multifunction Printer

These days, printer manufacturers want you to upgrade every time a new machine enters the market. Sometimes, those upgrades are simply out of reach–but other times, a new multifunction printer is just what you need to take your company to the next level. How do you tell the difference? Let’s take a look at a few signs it’s time for an upgrade!

A Word on Multifunction Printer Lifespan

If you already have a multifunction printer, you know these machines are built to last. Strong, fast, and highly efficient, they’re not the kind of tech you have to replace every six months–and that means you could probably hold onto the same machine for years.

However, a multifunction printer’s lifespan is mostly determined by you. How often do you use the machine? Are all your print jobs high-speed and high-volume? Do you keep up with regular maintenance? Do you call in experts for complicated repairs?

Simply put, the more time you spend taking care of your multifunction printer, the longer it will last. That means you don’t have to worry about constantly paying for new printers. Of course, even the best-kept machines do eventually wear down–so it’s your job to tell the difference between “time for maintenance” and “time for an upgrade.”

When You Need a New Multifunction Printer

Here are a few big signs that your multifunction printer is on its last legs:

It no longer fits your needs.

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with your multifunction printer, but there’s nothing really “right” about it, either. If you’re constantly thinking about all the features and functions you’re missing out on, or if the current machine doesn’t support your growing workflows, it’s time for an upgrade.

It’s a huge frustration.

Do you spend hours fighting with your multifunction printer, trying to figure out why it’s slowing down, ruining your prints, or otherwise wreaking havoc on your efficiency? A multifunction printer should be a relief, not a frustration. When you notice yourself daydreaming about throwing away the whole machine, you might want to think about something new.

It’s expensive to maintain.

There’s a point at which maintenance becomes too expensive. If you’re working on your printer more often than actually printing, that’s a good sign that it’s no longer helping you save money–and that a newer device would be good news for your budget.

In conclusion, well-kept multifunction printers can last a long time. However, every machine has an “expiration date,” and if that date is getting close, an upgrade might benefit your entire company.

Wondering if it’s time for a new multifunction printer? Contact us today for help making the final call!