2 Simple Steps to Reduced Costs with Managed Print


If you were to write down your top priorities for company revenues this year, it’s unlikely that document printing would even make the list. The truth is, printing costs rival utilities as a business expense, but without proper management, these costs remain mostly hidden. Here are two steps your company can take to uncover and redirect those missing funds.

1. Assess the situation

Unmanaged print environments are notoriously inefficient, with multiple departments and individuals making decisions on the fly to address print-related requirements. A managed print assessment zeros in on these and other inefficiencies, providing your organization with valuable data related to your print spend and print-centric workflows. You’ll finally know:

  • How much you pay to print documents.
  • The size and condition of your existing printer fleet.
  • How print-related inefficiencies are impacting your workflows and your bottom line.

2. Deploy the solutions

If your print environment is leaking cash, managed print experts can help you stop the madness. Some of the most common sources of print spending include:

  • Color printing — Who does it, who needs it, and how to limit access to bring nonessential color printing to a halt.
  • Desktop units — Consumer-grade inkjet printers have a habit of working their way into business printer fleets. Eliminating these high TCO devices and replacing them with cost-efficient laser alternatives is a better return on your print investment.
  • Volume control — With no rules or established policies, employees are free to print without restriction. Managed print solutions on your devices can help to establish limits and route documents digitally instead of printing.
  • Secure your information — Managed print providers help you access security features on your devices to keep bad actors away from your confidential information.

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