3 Ways Managed Network Services Can Protect Your Business


In this modern, connected world it is more critical than ever to ensure your company is secure from hacks and digital intrusion. Many business owners understand the risks associated with an insecure IT infrastructure, but few have the knowledge or experience to carry out a fully optimized and secure network design. Managed Network Services providers give you the expertise you need to protect your business. Here are three common security issues that you might be exposing yourself to and how Managed Network Services can help.

Out of Date Software and Operating Systems

  • If you are anything like the majority of Americans, you delay updates as a primary use of the computer. Bad OS updates or updates that led to software issues and frustration have made us all a little careful about how and when we update our devices. This is a mistake that a Managed Services provider can mitigate. These professionals will ensure your system only receives the updates it needs and when it needs them. You can rest easy knowing that your machines are as protected as possible.

No Backup Plan

  • Another common mistake made in the business community is a lack of a data and system backup plan or an insufficiently designed one. A Managed Network Services provider can deploy a team to size up your current situations and make necessary changes to guarantee you won’t be caught in a crisis if disaster should strike. Your files and system will be protected.

Limit User Error

  • How many times have you heard of someone having software or hardware issues only to come to find out that they made the mistake in the first place? With all of these smartphones, smart TVs, and other devices it is easy to forget that computers are inherently dumb. They will only do what they are told to do and exactly as they were told to do it. Managed Network Services gives you a layer of expertise to establish protocols for user access, user accounts, and permissions to perform certain actions. This will limit your exposure to potential security breaches.

Make a call and talk to an expert about your business and how Managed Network IT Services might benefit and protect your business.

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