Why do You Need Managed Print?


As a business owner or manager, you always have to weigh your options. You may hear about an investment or service that could benefit your business in a big way, but what about the ROI? How does the investment measure up to the return? These are all questions we’ll answer in this blog to make your decision about managed print services a little bit easier.

The First Steps

When you onboard with a managed print services provider, the first thing that will happen is an assessment. Think about it; your print budget is one of the most ambitious areas of spending. You might know about how much you spent last year, but on what? Are you putting all of your print-related expenses in the right categories, or are they bleeding into other budgets without you knowing it? That’s why an assessment is so key to your success. You can’t take control of a budget you know nothing about.

The Best of What You Have

Managed print services are all about optimization. Your printer’s network infrastructure could be running inefficiently; you might have bad settings on individual printers, or some older machines might be guzzling all of the electricity they possibly could. Optimizing your network of printers will help save you money and improve your processes.

Printing Managed Means Printing Less?

If you are managing all aspects of your printing with managed print services, it will include what is being printed by whom and in what quantity. Maybe your employees have grown lax when it comes to the line between necessary printing and convenience printing. Some might even be printing documents for personal use. It all builds up to an excessive amount of printing, but not with managed print.

If you’re ready to take steps towards managed print services, just contact us and we’ll talk about the details!